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SolarEdge SE6K


1 678,96 € tax incl.

-Superior performance (98%)

-Compact, light and easy to install

-Monitoring integrated at the level of the module

-Communication to the internet via Wireless or Ethernet

-IP65 - indoor and outdoor installation



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Up to 25% more energy



Created in 2006, as a private company by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the solar, SolarEdge provides a full solution to today's photovoltaic problems. The Solaredge system increases the performance of the PV system from 5 to 25% thanks to a centralized inverter and the individual "PowerBox" for each Panel.


  • Increase in energy efficiency & ROI faster with a {linkpopup id = 'mppt'} to the module level

-No loss of energy at the level of the module
-No loss due to shading part. No loss due to dirt
-No loss due to aging 

Free design of coercion 

  • Maximum use of space with a time minimum design

-Modules on different directions and angles in the same chain
-Different types of modules on a single string
-Chains of different lengths that are connected to the same inverter
-Longer strings - up to 50 modules per string 

Low cost maintenance

  • Full visibility of the system's performance and repair of failures remotely

-The performance data to the module level
-Presentation of the entire system on a virtual map of the site
-Automatic alerts when problems on the system
-Easy access via the web browser from a PC or SmartPhone 

SafeDC - DC Protection

  • Protection during installation, maintenance, in case of fire or other emergency

-Installation: voltage secure on the string while the inverter and AC power supply are powered
-Maintenance: voltage secure automatic channel once the UPS turns off
-Emergencies: voltage secure on line - automatic after disconnecting the grid


Technical data

Nominal AC output powerGOING6000
Maximum AC output powerGOING6000
Rated AC output voltageVAC380 / 220; 400 / 230
220 / 230 Vac
AC output voltage range
VAC184 - 264.5
Rated frequency ACHz50 / 60 ± 5
Maximum continuous output currentA10
Current detector residual / current gradual detector residualMy300 / 30
Network support - three-phaseV3 / N / PE (with neutral)
Utility monitoring, Islanding protection, configurable thresholds by countryYes
(STC Module) maximum DC powerW8100
Without power, without groundYes
Maximum input voltageVDC900
Nominal DC input voltageVDC750
Maximum input intensityADC10
Protection against polarity reversalYes
Ground fault detectionsensitivity of 1MΩ
Maximum efficiency of the inverter%98
European weighted performance%97.3
Night useW< 2.5
Supported Communication interfacesRS485, Ethernet, Zigbee (optionally), Wi - Fi (in option), GSM Modem integrated (optionally)
SecurityIEC-62103 (EN50178), IEC 62109
Certificates to connect to the networkVDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N-4105, ACE-4777, G83 / G59
EmissionsIEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3, IEC61000-3-11, IEC61000-3-12, FCC part 15 class B
AC outputmmDiameter of the stuffing box 15-21
DC input2 pairs of MC4
Dimensions (Lxdxh)mm540 x 315 x 260
Cooling(Replaceable by the user) fan
NoisedBA< 50
Operating temperature range° C-20 - + 60 (M40 version - 40 - + 60)
Protection ratingsIP65 - Outside and inside
Support (support) mounted




Wifi communication module

Boitier de communication wifi

Allows you to connect your UPS to your computer via Wifi.

Provided with program to record all the details of your production.















Maximum PV input voltage950 V
Power10000 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Nombre de MPPT1 MPPT
Inverter power6000VA