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With the flexible solution from SMA and Tigo Energy, a system’s individual PV modules can be easily and cost-effectively optimized for the first time.

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Tigo S4R optimizer

Highest energy yields - Lowest costs

Each PV system is unique. Different roof structures, system alignments and various types of shading influence the PV system’s energy yield. With the innovative Tigo TS4 platform, for the first time, every single PV module can now be flexibly equipped with an additional function. For partially shaded systems, only the affected modules are equipped with the optimization function as, in most cases, no more than 20% of the modules are shaded. With Tigo TS4, customers pay just for the function that they actually require.

Existing DC optimizer systems

Existing DC optimizer systems

  • All modules always have to be equipped with an optimizer, whether necessary or not
  • This quickly leads to unnecessarily high costs

SMA and Tigo solution

SMA and Tigo solution

  • Only affected modules (e.g., in case of partial shading) have to be equipped with an optimizer
  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower installation costs

Optimization as required

Tigo S4R

The Tigo TS4 platform provides functions as required. These can be easily and quickly integrated into the PV module by means of changeable covers:

  • Module monitoring
  • Safety/disconnection at the module level
  • Optimization for complex roof structure and partial shading
  • Longer strings (available only as module-integrated)

The right solution for new systems and existing PV systems:
Installers can choose between a pre-installed solution in smart modules from different manufacturers or the SMA add-on/retrofit version for all standard modules. With no additional tools, the Tigo TS4 solution can be quickly and easily mounted to the module already in the warehouse or directly on the construction site. This makes logistics easier and reduces installation time.

Perfectly matched solution

Tigo S4R components


  • TS4 optimizers are attached to the required modules
  • Cloud Connect is the management unit from Tigo
  • Gateway ensures communication between the optimizers and Cloud Connect

The modular concept from Tigo Energy is a perfect match for SMA. Because with the Multi-MPP tracking function as well as the wide input voltage range, SMA inverters are perfectly suited to complex system layouts and partial shadings.

Working together, SMA and Tigo Energy offer users high-quality solutions that can be used flexibly to generate maximum system efficiency.

Your benefits at a glance

Low costs of Tigo S4R

Low costs

  • Cut costs by up to 80%
  • Save up to 1.5 hours per installation
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs thanks to less components

Higher yiels with SMA & Tigo

Higher yiels with SMA & Tigo

  • Higher total yield both in kilowatt-hours and in euros
  • Increase in system availability
  • Long component service life thanks to demand-specific operation (bypass operation)

More flexibility

More flexibility

  • Simple and flexible design — even on challenging roofs
  • Fast customization

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