SolaX X3 hybrid hybrid 5.0T to 10.0T


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Three-phase X3 hybrid HV triple-phased inverter: maximum efficiency of 97.60%, maximum DC input voltage of 1000V and remote control via X-Cloud.


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SolaX Hybrid Triphasé - High Tension


The X-Hybrid Triphésed commercial battery storage inverter. The three-phase includes inverters ranging in size from 5 to 10 kW, and with the ability to install multiple inverters in parallel, scalable battery storage for commercial applications is now a reality. The inverter is equipped with an integrated EPS (Emergency Power Supply), has several communication options and can be controlled remotely.

Presentation: SolaX Hybrid Triphasé - High Tension

Generate solar energy during the day for home use, when the background charge is met, charge your batteries with clean and free solar energy. Unload your stored energy in the evening when the sun goes down, recharge your batteries at night at a cheaper rate.

Commercial solar storage solution

Our X-Hybrid Triphasé is the perfect storage solution for three-phase commercial properties looking to switch to solar storage. The X-Hybrid Triphasé can be installed in parallel, allowing up to 100 kW and more than 250 kWh of storage if installed with the 6.3 kWh Triple Power.

Never lose power

With the SolaX X-Hybrid, you can make sure you never get without electricity, even during a power outage. A backup power supply or an "EPS" switch (only available on "E" models) allows the X-Hybrid to run completely off-grid, meaning that all the energy you have stored on your batteries will now be used in the event of a power outage.

Control X-Hybrid export

With the X-Hybrid, you can easily set your energy export limits based on local requirements. The X-Hybrid comes with built-in export control, allowing you to manage the power you generate exactly the way you want it.



Recommended Maximum DC Power [W]600080001000013000
Max. ENTRY DC voltage [V]1000100010001000
Normal DC service voltage[V]720
Entry current max.[A]11-- 1120—11
Current short-circuit max.14--1423—14
MPPT[V] voltage range230-800280-800370-800330-800
Number of MPP trackers2
Channels by tracker MPP12—1
Normal AC Power[VA]50006000800010000
Max. AC Food[VA]50006000800010000
Nominal network voltage (alternative voltage range)[V][V]400 (from 360 to 440)
Assigned frequency of network[Hz]50/60
Normal alternating current[A]07/06/21912/02/2115
Max. Alternative Current[A]08/05/211013/05/2116
Moving power factor0.8 Leading the way ... 0.8 insulation
Total harmonic distortion (THD, rated power)[%].<2
Running in parallelYes
Load controlYes (optional)
Battery voltage range[V]170-500
Recommended Battery Tension[V] Recommended Battery Tension[V200240320400
Maximum charge/discharge power[W]6000800010000
Maximum charge/discharge current[A].25
Communication interfacesCAN/RS485
Protection from polarity inversionsNo
EpS's nominal power[VA]50006000800010000
Nominal voltage EPS[V], Frequency[Hz].400/380, 50/60
Current rated EPS[A]07/06/21912/02/2115
SAEU[W];D s peak power10000 ,6012000,616000,6
Switch time[s]<0.5
Total harmonic distortion (THD, linear load)[%].<2
Running in parallelyes
Efficiency of MPPT[%]99.90
Euro yield[%]97.00
Switch time[s]97.60
Battery charge/discharge efficiency[%].96.00
energy consumption
Consumption in sleep mode (night)[W]<7
Sleep modeYes
securityIEC62109-1-2 / IEC62040/ AS3100
certificateVDE0126-1-1 A1:2012/VDE-AR-N4105/G59-3/AS4777/EN50438/CEI 0-21/IEC62040/IEC62619/ISO13849-2/SN29500/IEC615086
Protective classIP65
Operating temperature range [C]-25 up to $60 (downgrade to $45)
Storage temperature[C]-20 up to $60
Sound emission (typical)[dB]<30
Surge categoryIII (power side), II (PV side)
Dimensions (LxHxP)[mm]655*456*208
Cooling conceptForced cooling
topologyNo transformer
communicationEthernet, Counter, WIFI (optional), RF (optional), DRM, USB, ISO alarm, parallel operation
LCD20-4-character backlight
Standard warranty[years]5


Monophasé / TriphaséTriphasé
Nombre de MPPT2 MPPT
Inverter power10000VA