Inverter SolaX X 3 three phase hybrid 5.0 HV T to 10.0 T


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Inverter SolaX three-phase X 3 ZDNY-TL10000: maximum efficiency of 97.60%, a maximum DC input voltage of 1000V and a remote control via X-Cloud.

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Reliability, quality and efficiency


The new three-phase inverter X-Hybrid of SolaX is the latest addition to the range of hybrid inverters at the forefront of the market, providing a flexible and scalable solution for domestic and commercial applications. The three-phase series includes inverters ranging from 5 to 10 kW in size, and with the possibility to install several inverters in parallel, scalable storage on battery for commercial applications is now a reality. The inverter is equipped with an integrated power supply EPS (Emergency Power Supply), has many options of communication and can be controlled remotely.


More than a simple inverter, the innovative X-Hybrid is an intelligent energy management that stores excess energy in batteries for later use.
The Hybrid-X works by storing excess energy in batteries for later use. It is possible to use solar energy by storing the unused capacity. It converts and directs solar energy where it is needed, when it is needed. X - Hybrid is also provided the EPS (Emergency Power Supply) funcon, allowing the end user to access the emergency power supply their energy stored during a power failure.




High efficiency

Maximum efficiency of 97,60%.




Wide voltage range

Maximum DC input voltage of 1000V




Rated IP65

X-Hybrid systems is designed for indoor and outdoor use.




Remote monitoring

Monitoring of the system remotely via the X-Cloud.





 ModelsX 3-Hybrid - 5.0 TX 3-Hybrid - 6.0 TX 3-Hybrid - 8.0 TX 3-Hybrid - 10.0 T
Power recommended maximum DC [W]600080001000013000
Maximum voltage input DC [V]1000100010001000
Voltage normal DC [V]720
Max [A] input current11 - 1120 11
Max short-circuit current.14 1423 14
Voltage [V] MPPT range230-800280-800370-800330-800
Number of MPP trackers2
Strings per MPP tracker12 1
Normal AC power [goes]50006000800010000
Maximum AC power [goes]50006000800010000
Voltage nominal (voltage range) [V] [V400 (de360a440)
Assigned frequency [Hz]50/60
Normal alternating current [A]7.6912.215
Alternating current [A]8.51013.516
Displacement power factor0.8 in the lead... 0.8 isolating
Total harmonic distortion (THD, rated load) [%].< 2
Parallel operationYes
Load controlYes (optional)
[V] battery voltage range170-500
Recommended battery [V] voltage [V recommended battery voltage200240320400
Of charge/discharge power [W]6000800010000
Maximum charge/discharge [A] current.25
Communication interfacesCAN/RS485
Protection against polarity inversionNo
Rated power of the EPS [goes]50006000800010000
Voltage nominal EPS [V], frequency [Hz].400/380, 50/60
Current nominal EPS [A]7.6912.215
The EPS [W]; duration [s] peak power10000, 6012000,616000,6
Switching time [s]< 0.5
Total harmonic distortion (THD, linear load) [%].< 2
Parallel operationYes
Effectiveness of the MPPT [%]99.90
Performance of the euro [%]97.00
Switching time [s]97.60
Effectiveness of charge/discharge of the battery [%].96.00
Consumption in sleep mode (night) [W]< 7
Sleep modeYes
SecurityIEC62109-1-2 / IEC62040 / AS3100
CertificateVDE0126-1-1 A1:2012 / VDE-AR-N4105/G59-3/AS4777/EN50438/IEC 0-21/IEC62040/IEC62619/ISO13849-2/SN29500/IEC615086
Protection classIP65
Range of operating temperature [C]-25 to + 60 (downgrading to + 45)
Altitude [m]< 2000
Storage temperature [C]-20 up to + 60
Sound emission (typical) [dB]< 30
Overvoltage categoryIII (on the side of power supply), II (on the side of PV)
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]655 * 456 * 208
Weight [kg]40
Concept of coolingForced cooling
TopologyWithout transformer
CommunicationEthernet, meter, WIFI (optional), RF (in option), DRM, USB, ISO alarm, parallel operation
LCD screenBacklight 20 * 4 characters
Standard warranty [years]5-10


Monophasé / TriphaséTriphasé
Nombre de MPPT2 MPPT
Inverter power6000VA
Inverter power10000VA
Inverter power5000VA
Inverter power8000VA