MPPT 10A SRNE Solar Controller


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The new range of SRNE solar controllers offers an optimal MPPT tracking efficiency of 99.9% as well as a charging efficiency of 15 to 20% higher than a PWM.

Compatible with RM1 display

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Adoption of a double-crested or multi-crest tracing technique, used for the condition when part of the solar panel is under shadow or parts of the solar panel are damaged.

Built-in maximum power point tracking algorithm that promotes the energy efficiency of the pv system. The charging efficiency is 15%~20% higher than PWM mode.

It can find the best working point of the I-V curve in 1 minute. MPPT efficiency can reach 99.9%.

Adopts advanced digital power supply techniques that make energy conversion efficiency reach 97%.



Four charge levels: MPPT - equalization charge-boosting charge- floating load.

Current limiting charging mode: When the power of the solar panel is oversized, the controller automatically reduces the charging load, allowing the system to operate under the rated charge current.

Indicates fault codes during anomalies, this helps the user to confirm the system failure.

Different methods of load control. Automatic day-night cycle recognition.

Various system protection functions, including overcurrent, excessive discharge, overcharging, overheating, reverse battery connection and short circuit protection, etc.

Compatible with RM1 display

System voltage12V
Maximum input power of the solar panel130W
Transfer efficiency≤ 96%
Flow load / discharge current10A
Pressure drop< 15mA
Maximum input voltage of the solar panel< 150V
MPPT traceability efficiency> 99%
Booster protection16.5V
Limited charging voltage15.5V
Equalize charging voltage15.2V
Equalize load intervam30 days
Increased charging voltage14.4V
Floating charging voltage13.8V
Excessive discharge recovery voltage12.5V
On the discharge voltage11.0V
Boost charging time2 hours
Equalization load time1 hour
Overheat protectionYes
Light voltage (on)5V
Light voltage (off)6V
Functional delay time5 min
Operating temperature-35°C ~ +65°C
Altitude≤ 3000m
Dimension143*71*37.4 (mm)
Installation dimension139*48 (mm)
Overload protectionCharging current≥1.25 times rated current, cut the charge within 10 seconds; Charging current≥1.5 times rated current, turn off charging within 5 seconds
Protections1 Reverse polarity. 2. Excessive indoor temperature. 3. The voltage of the PV input terminal is greater than the value. 4.Au loading 5. Reverse charge protection at night. 6. Protection against TVS rays 7. Waterproof: IP 64
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Charge power10A
Voltage12V / 24V