Epsolar MPPT Tracer BN Serie


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30A Epever Tracer charge regulator MPPT 12V / 24V.

Enjoy a quality battery charger and an optimized MPPT yield technology.  

Up to 150V DC input.  



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" Solar charge regulator with MPPT function "


regulateur de charge 10A

It is suitable for all current solar technologies and is perfect for solar systems with solar modules voltages higher than the ones from the battery. This MPPT is especially suitable to use with solar panels normally provided for on grid systems. The sophisticated algorithm of the "MPP Tracking" can constantly have the maximum power output of the solar module. Thanks to its advanced technology, this MPPT ensures maximum power in all operating conditions, a professional battery protection and modern design.

Product Specifications


  • Tracking device of the maximum power point (MPP tracker)
  • Voltage and current control
  • MLI control
  • Disconnect consumers according to the current
  • Automatically reconnect
  • Temperature compensation
  • Monthly maintenance charge


Electronic protection functions


  • Overload protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Solar modules, battery and consumer reverse polarity protection
  • Reverse polarity by internal fuse protection
  • Automatic electronic fuse
  • Short circuits protection
  • Overvoltage at the input of the solar module
  • Open circuit without battery protection
  • Reverse current at night protection
  • Overtemperature and overload protection
  • Disconnect when battery overvoltage

BN2215 - Details



  • Multifunction LED display
  • Multicolor LED



  • Comforms to European Standards (CE)
  • Comforms to RoHS Directive
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Epsolar Tracer BN

Tracer BN Serie : 3 model available


This controller is available in 3 versions to suit perfectly to your system.

> Tracer 1215BN - battery capacity : 10A  .    
   This controller can accommodate up to 260 watts of solar panels *

> Tracer 2215BN - battery capacity : 20A  .    
   This controller can accommodate up to 520 watts of solar panels *

> Tracer 3215BN - battery capacity : 30A  .    
   This controller can accommodate up to 780 watts of solar panels *

* in a 24Volts System

Technical characteristics

Nominal system voltage12V/24V
Rated  battery current10A20A30A
Rated  load current20A20A30A
Max. battery  voltage32V
Max. PV open circuit voltage150VDC
Max. PV input power

12V  130W

24V   260W

12V 260W

24V 520W

12V  390W

24V   780W

Self-consumption≤50mA(12V) ≤27mA(24V)
Temp. compensation-3mV/°C/2V
Working temperature-35°C à 55°C
Température de stockage-35°C à 80°C
Dimensions196x117.8x36 mm217x143x56 mm281x160x60 mm
Weight0,9 kg1,5 kg

2,3 kg

The theoretical charging of a lead acid battery operates in three phases


graphique fonctionnement batterie plomb

- Phase 1: the current is limited to a rate of about 1/5 of the rated capacity. The voltage increases gradually until it reaches its maximum regulated threshold to 2.35 V / element.

- Phase 2 : the charging voltage is regulated to 2.35 V / element, the charging current then decreases to less than C/100. This phase should last up to 20 hours, the voltage must not stay above 2.26 V longer. The battery is chargedat the end of this phase

- Phase 3: once the battery is charged (after about 20 hours of charging) it switches to trickle charge (Floating) to keep it at 100% load. Then the voltage applied to the battery is around 2.26 V / element.


Graphic epsolar Tracer BN Serie

Monitor software 


Please, download the last version of the monitor software here

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  • C. Olivier
  •  the 29/05/2018
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Très bien emballé, reste plus qu'a le poser et le tester.


Charge power30A
Voltage12V / 24V
Maximum PV input voltage150 V
Max. current10 A