Epsolar MPPT Tracer 4415BND - 45A


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45A Solar regulator with MPPT function. 

- Operates with 12V - 24V -36V - 48V (automatic selection), 
- Optimum efficiency of 99%, 
- Up to 2400Wc panels. 


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"Extremely efficient MPPT" 

Optimization of energy recovery


  • Scan faster than other MPPT curve charge controllers (first tracking within 15 seconds)
  • Recognition of multiple power points during a passing shadow
  • Excellent performance in low light conditionsé 

Fonctionnement de régulateur Epsolar 45A

Ecran affichage du régulateur MPPT Epsolar - 45ADesign and reliability 


  • Robust and cooling without ventilation
  • No mechanical relays
  • Intuitive, 6 buttons allow you to navigate through the menu
  • Backlit LCD 128 * 64 dpi



  • 99% optimum efficiency
  • Very low consumption
  • Dual processor ensures seamless reactivity
  • Charging batteries in three phases to ensure their longer service life
  • Compensation voltage charging depending on the temperature
  • Charge voltages of the batteries are fully programmable

regulateur ET4415BND ep solar - connectiques


Communication capacity


CAN BUS communication between products compaptibles EpSolar, 
RS232 Interface to a PC,
RS485 with Modbus protocol, 
Ethernet Interface fully exploited on the web to a local network or via internet.


Technical characteristics


Nominal system voltage12V / 24V / 36V / 48V
Rated battery current45 A
Max. PV input power - 12V600 W
Max. PV input power - 24V1200 W
Max. PV input power - 36V 1800 W
Max. PV input power - 48V2400 W
Self-consumption1.4W - 2.2W
Max. PV open circuit voltage

150V dc

Max Humidity95%
Ambient temp. range-25°C à 55°C
Storage temp. range-30°C à 85°C


Charge power45A
Voltage12V / 24V
Maximum PV input voltage150 V dc
Max. current45 A