Controller MPPT TBB SP 150 / 60A

TBB Power

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TBB 12V charge controller / 24V / 48V - 60 A. 
Up to 150V DC input.  
For off-grid up to max 4kW photovoltaic system.

Regulators solar MPPT, more effective than the PWM, will optimize the voltage of solar panels to maximize the resulting power.

Please select your model from the options: 12, 24 or 48V.


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Mppt regulator ultra resistant 60-amp 


Régulateur de charge MPPT 60 ampères

Mppt Load Regulator : up to 30% extra performance


Technology mppt (Maximum Power Point Tracking) this controller allows to increase the production of 30% compared to a conventional control system.

The device has an algorithm of charge working as well with the lead batteries lithium-ion batteries.

Characteristics of the product


  • For PV off-grid up to 4kW. 
  • Efficiency of 98% Advanced, 
  • Low consumption, 
  • Screen display and control buttons
  • Excellent performance even at low level of sunlight or with a Sun. 
  • Operating at full power up to a T ° ambient of 45 ° C, 
  • Saving data on 365 days, 
  • Port {linkpopup id = 'rs485'}: possible communication between devices.

Régulateur MPPT ultra résistant

Robustness and performance


The unit is designed to deal with particularly demanding environments: dust, insects, heat,...
It can operate up to a temperature of 45 ° C without its performance to be altered. It is perfect for the rugged places, hot, dusty,...

LCD screen


Follow the production data and easily program the controller via its LCD display backlit and its control buttons. This feature ensures you ease of use and ease of your system state monitoring.

Technical characteristics


ModelSP Series - 60
Nominal voltage of the system12V/24V/48V
Nominal current from the battery60A
Nominal load current60A
Input voltage solar max.150VDC
Input power PV max.

900W 12V

24V 1800W

48V 3600W

The charge Equalization Manual
Consumption standby< 1W
Temperature compensationAuto, - C/4mV/cell
Operating temperature-40 ° C to 60 ° C
Efficiency max98% (48Vdc)
Communication portRS485
Dimensions370 x 199 x 110 mm
Weight6.5 kg


Data sheets and documentation


Charge power60A
Maximum PV input voltage150 V
Max. current60 A