Ballast tank for Renusol solar panel console+


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Mounting system to facilitate the installation of photovoltaic modules on flat roofs with a maximum incline of 5 degrees without piercing them.

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  • This lighted tray is the best solution to easily mount solar panels on flat surfaces and surfaces with a slope of up to 5 degrees.
  • Weighting is done with concrete or gravel depending on the geographical location, wind zones, roof altitude,..
  • To best ventilate the solar panel, the cosole has large aeration on the sides.
  • The photovoltaic panels are mounted very quickly on this console thanks to the self-punching screws and the fastening clip.

weighted tray for mounting photovoltaic panels 


Technical features


SystemSolar mounting system loose-fitting lester tray
Components CS bathtub, mounting rails and fastening equipment
Product guarantee 10 years
applying Flat roofs, landfill, open space
Size Width: 1,730mm, Depth: 1,100mm, Height: 390mm
Inclination elevation zone max. 5
Delta ambient temperature-30 C to 50 degrees Celsius
The features of the system
Photovoltaic module tilt15 th.
weightAbout 7.9 kg
Friction coefficient-0.5 must be determined and insured on the installation surface
MaterialHDPE, aluminum and stainless steel
Minimum distance from the edge1.5m
Photovoltaic modules
typePV module framed with assembly holes
Length1.550mm - 1.730mm
Distance from mounting holeslong side: 690 - 1,180 mm, short side: 895 - 1,014 mm
Behaviour auf firesDresden MPA
UV resistanceKIMW Kunststoff Institute
Wind loadsIn the wind tunnel tests determined by Ruscheweyh Consult GmbH
T-V (DE)ID000048970 complied with 2PfG
Ballast planeSupplied by Renusol
LayoutSupplied by Renusol
Content of an SET 
ConSole Bac1X
Mounting rail2X
Fixing kit 1X



Has: 1730 mm

Has: 1330 mm

b: 1100 mm 

b: 670 mm





Type fixationToit en tuile
Type fixationToit en tôle
Type fixationStructure sol
Type fixationToit en ardoise
Type fixationToit en bac acier
Type fixationToiture plâte