Foot for free-standing structure in aluminium


84,00 € tax incl.

Structure on the ground, adjustable length

Allows you to place 2 panels in landscape 

Tilt: 10 °

Ideal for the creation of solar field!

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structure aluminium


The structure consists of bound feet together by aluminum rails.


Suitable for all panels (photovoltaic, heat...)

Fixed tilt 10 °. Perfect for photovoltaics in our latitudes exposure

Flexible to meet your needsthe possibilities for extensions of this structure are endless. 

Ideal for the creation of solar fieldsimple, economic and ultra resistant (aluminium and stainless steel).



To compose your structure:


- Choose the number of feet Depending on the length of the structure, a quantity = one foot

(1 foot all the 3 m with 80, 1 every 1 m rail 50 with normal rails)

- Add the rails in aluminium necessary to your cart (your structure X 4 length)


You will be provided the necessary bolts and (stainless) rail junctions with the set based on your future structure.





structure sur mesure






Possibility to make custom structures. Contact us!


Type fixationToit en tuile
Type fixationToit en tôle
Type fixationStructure sol
Type fixationToit en ardoise
Type fixationToit en bac acier
Type fixationToiture plâte