Free-land mounting kit for solar panel


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Free-land mounting kit for solar panels. .

Please, select the number of panels in the options.

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" Free land mounting system kit for solar panels "






This kit contains the required equipment to set your solar panels on flat surface with rail system.

Simply select in the options the number of panels positioned in portrait or the number of panels positioned in landscape on your roof >> the content of the kit will automatically adapts.




Contents of the fixing kit

Rail de fixation pour panneaux solaires


Aluminum rail (40mm x 40mm)

 Aluminum track for fastening of the panels superimposed on the roof.

>> More information on Aluminum rail

Jonction pour rails

Profile junction

These two jonction bars are used to connect two profiles together.

Very easy to use , this system requires no screws or tools! Simply insert the junction pieces in both profiles to assemble.

Robust, this system securely holds the profiles together.

>> More information on jonction bars

Support pour panneaux solaires

Aluminium adjustable support (for panels positioned in portrait) 

This aluminium support is used to set the rail in portrait.

>> More information on adjustable support (portrait)

petit support pour panneaux solaires

Aluminium adjustable support (for panels positioned in landscape) 

This aluminium support is used to set the rail in landscape.

>> More information on adjustable support (landscape)

Clame de milieu pour panneaux sur toit en tuile

Middle fastening clamp

Inside module fastening clamp : 35 to 50mm. 

Fixed on the aluminum track with bolt and nut (supplied). 

Please select the height of the clame (options). 

>> More information on Middle fastening clamp

Clame de fin pour panneaux sur toit en tuile

End fastening clamp

Outside module fastening clamp

35mm (must match the thickness of the panel frame).

Fixed on the aluminum track with bolt and nut (supplied)

>> More information on End fastening clamp

schéma montage de panneaux solairesHow to select the right kit for my panels ?

With its options, the mounting kit fits the layout of your panels.

The fasteners are compatible with conventional panel sizes (maximum 1m66 / 1m03).

1. Select the quantity of panels in portrait or landscape

Choose, by row, the amount of panels arranged in portrait or landscape.

For example, the above arrangement required 3x Fixing kit:
> 1 kit for the 1st row : 3 panels in portrait
> 2 kit for the 2nd row : 2 panels in landscapes
> 3 kit for the 3rd row : 2 panels in landscapes

2. Select the fastening clamp for your panel

Clamps are used to tie the panels on the aluminum rail. Its height should match the thickness of your panel frame.

Clamps height available: 35 - 40 - 45 - 47 - 50 mm


Detail of the equipment provided depending on the amount of panel


Panel in portrait
Quantity of panelsRail (m)JunctionAlu support (large)Middle fastening clampEnd fastening clamp
1 panel20204
2 panels40324
3 panels62344
4 panels82464
5 panels104584
6 panels1245104
7 panels1466124
8 panels1666144
9 panels1887164
10 panels2088184
11 panels22109204
12 panels241010224
13 panels261211244
14 panels281211264
15 panels301412284
16 panels321413304
17 panels341613324
18 panels361614344
19 panels381815364
20 panels401815384
Panel in landscapes
Quantity of panelsRail (m)JunctionAlu support (small)Middle fastening clampEnd fastening clamp
1 panel3,40204
2 panels6,82324
3 panels10,24444
4 panels13,66564
5 panels178684
6 panels20,4107104
7 panels23,8128124
8 panels27,2149144
9 panels30,61610164
10 panels341811184
11 panels37,42012204
12 panels40,82213224
13 panels44,22414244
14 panels47,62615264
15 panels512816284
16 panels54,43014304
17 panels57,83218324
18 panels61,23419344
19 panels64,63620364
20 panels683821384
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