Flat roof racking system for PV panels - from 20 panels View full size

Flat roof racking system for PV panels - from 20 panels

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Flat roof mounting system for photovoltaic panels. 

Available from 20 panels.

Please, select for 20 or 40 panels and the inclination (10° or 18°)

Available on order

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" Flat roof racking system for photovoltaic panels "


Structure pour toiture plate 

Low system costs

Highly flexible and compact mounting system for all conventional flat roofs. The sophisticated system convinces with low material use, easy assembly and short rail lengths facilitating handling. This reduces costs and increases profitability.

The material-optimized, intelligent design cuts costs in three ways: the use of materials, during transport and during installation.

Very fast installation

The simple system reduces the installation time considerably: Setting up a mounting system for 1 kW requires no more than 3 - 4 minutes..

Highly flexible

Two systems for southern mounting : 10° or 18° inclination. (Also available for east-west orientation - on request).
The flexible, pluggable and segmental design is selfaligning, adapts to all substrates and surfaces and also forgives uneven roofing.

Lightweight design

Thanks to the low ballast the additional roof load is reduced.
Building protection mats are only required to cover the rail ends.

Structure dimensions


Flat Roof Racking System Technical Data

ApplicationFlat roofs with little excess load tolerance or roof penetration impossible/undesirable
Panel orientationPitch south 10° or 18° ; (pitch east/west 10°; vertical; on request only)  for practically all common framed panels
BallastNormal roof zone min. 5 kg/panel; corner-/edge zones min. 20 kg/panel
Structural roof loadMin. 12 kg/m²
MaterialAluminium and stainless steel



Type fixationToiture plâte