Ground installation system for photovoltaic panels


1 820,00 € tax incl.


Ground installation system for photovoltaic panels (rails not included). 

Please choose the size of the structure (number of panels).

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Ground installation system for photovoltaic panels


The system allows the secure installation of panels on the ground thanks to its reinforced structure and feet.
Rails are not included in the structure and must be added separately. 

The structure adapts to all kinds of traditional photovoltaic panels with aluminum frame and allows the installation of 2 superimposed vertical panels.


Diagram of the ground laying system 


estructura del esquema





  • Adjusting the angle of inclination of the panels: 15° or 25°
  • Robust design and maximum stability
  • Perfectly adapts to any type of terrain and ensures a solid base for fixing panels
  • Steel structure
  • Shock resistant
  • Simple to install
  • Installation does not require drilling



Technical specifications

inclination15° -25° (customization on request)
Panel integration2 vertical panels
materialsS 350 GD / S355 MC
surfacebvz. Z600 /hg. ISO 1461




Data sheets and documentation


Type fixationStructure sol