Fixing for corrugated trapeze light + claims Middle NVT


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Fixing aluminum rail with claims of workplace for corrugated roof.

Simple, fast and economical installation.

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The fastening system is attached directly to the trapezoidal Panel. It has been studied and optimized down to the smallest detail to ensure the security of your system, a high layout flexibility and fast and simple Assembly.


The attachment system helps you set the vertical and horizontal modules using bindings module. It is suitable for all heights of backbone of module on the trapezoidal roof with only a few types of fasteners, which are available in bare aluminum and black. They are installed on short, practical and completely pre-assembled rails. Pre-cut and with fixed support and high quality EPDM sealing strips, short profiles are easy to handle on site and on the roof.


The rails are always installed by the top screws approved for thin sheets. They are screwed into the trapezoidal panel without producing any metal chips, which can cause corrosion if they are not removed. They also have the same head screws used on the module bindings, which means that you need a single tool.


This attachment to trapezoidal metal roof system guarantees good back ventilation of the modules and an aesthetic design for your PV plant.


They can be used from a thickness of 0.4 mm steel Board. Thanks to their clever design, the screwed connection creates a conductive connection of electricity between the fastening system and the surface of the roof. 

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  • G. Benoit
  •  the 07/04/2021
  • 3/5
Produits très solide mais la longueur était pas où mal renseigné. Je n'ai pas trouvé l'utilitéde certaines pièces livrées sans mode d'emploi
  • M. M
  •  the 08/01/2021
  • 5/5


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