Wattuneed Lithium Battery 12.8V 48Ah


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More efficient, secure and environmentally friendly.

Three years' warranty.

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Background Wattuneed Battery

Wattuneed Lithium Battery 12.8 V 48 Ah


Benefits of the product


ICON-1: Lifetime

Longer lifespan

Lifespan at 80% of discharge depth (DoD) >/3000
Lifespan at 50% of discharge depth (DoD) LiFePO4 battery >/ 4500
3-year warranty

ICON-2: Lithium secured (LifePO4)

Super Secure Lithium Technology (LifePO4)

Stable chemical composition - LiFePO4, no gas, no danger of explosion or fire.
An integrated battery management system (BMS) prevents premature failure due to environmental influences or misuse in advance.

ICON-3: Size of design

Standard size design

Perfect replacement of the AGM/GEL battery without changing the original charging/unloading structure.

ICON-4: Weight


Light weight

More than half the weight reduction compared to the AGM/GEL battery


ICON-5: High capacity

Greater useful capacity

Discharge depth up to 90% discharge depth, about 40% more than the AGM/GEL battery.

ICON-6: Operating temperature


Wider operating temperature


Range -20oC... $60C


ICON-7: Low self discharge

Low self-discharge

Only about 3% per month for storage/non-use


ICON-8: BMS protection

BMS protection


Each W12V48Ah has a built-in battery management system that protects the battery from extreme cases. It displays the overall voltage of the current charge/discharge of the battery temperature.


Battery capacity48Ah
Weight6,5 kg
Width209 mm
Height227 mm
Thickness138 mm
Charging current25 A
Max. charging current50 A