UPS hybrid WKS Evo 48V 5kVA


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UPS hybrid WKS Evo 5kVA

WKS hybrid inverters are ideal for feed a housing consumption or empower a remote site
This inverter can supply consumers up to 5000W
The integrated 80A MPPT charge controller allows up to 4000Wc panels
Possibility to put input the public grid or a generator for recharge the batteries
Completely customizable via the LCD screen of the inverter
Assured service in-house, available spare parts.

Built-in Bluetooth application, app Android (WatchPower) and removable LCD control module with several communications


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The ideal solution for your projects in self-consumption or in remote areas

The EVO WKS is designed with a transfer time zero


  • Transfer time to protect critical loads such as the servers and the ATMs.

  • Removable LCD control module with several communications port: dry contact, micro-USB, RS-232

  • Integrated Bluetooth for monitoring mobile (Android App is available)

  • Supports the feature USB On-the-Go

  • Communication port reserved for BMS (RS485, CAN BUS or RS232)

  • Use of AC output timer / configurable PV and prioritization

  • Optional parallel operation up to 9 units: 3 x 3 units in parallel to a facility up to 45 kVA single-phase or three-phase.

Communication Bluetooth (WatchPower)

Communication Bluetooth (WatchPower)


Set up your UPS and your installation, check your production and save your data from your smartphone!

The Bluetooth of the Evo WKS application easily gives you access to all the information of your installation.

An example of available of the application pages is given in the product images.

The inverter generation

Enjoy a continuous supply and reliable q EU network is available or not. The energy produced by the inverters WKS is oriented and used intelligently for optimal performance. All priorities can be defined by the user: use of batteries, solar or the AC source (generator or network) Consumption, energy produced by your panels is in flux and is not for consumption. The WKS UPS stores part of the solar production in batteries for later use during the evening or night. In remote areas, the WKS inverter can be connected to a generator to ensure the charge of the batteries if they are empty and the solar production is insufficient. This inverter is able to work with several different energy sources such as:

  • public network
  • photovoltaic panels
  • thermal generator
  • batteries 


Management by microprocessor directs energy based on production, consumption needs and the State of charge of the batteries. It is possible to carry out a follow-up in real-time locally or remotely. Inverter WKS feeding power into the grid.

Schematic diagram with the WKS EVO inverter

3 operating modes

  •  Solar priority 
  •  Relief
  •  Solar and network
 -The battery charge current setting
 -Possibility to limit or ban the load via the network
 -Input voltage of 110-280V (useful for fluctuating networks)
 -Economic mode (limitation of the auto consumption)
 -Fine tuning of the characteristics of the batteries
 -Automatic restart in case of overload and overtemperature
 -Possibility to limit the battery discharge in order to preserve their life expectancy
 -Return mode adjustable battery voltage 
 -Overload Bypass (allow to pass over the network in case of peak consumption)
 -Low battery safety

Power multi-energie


Example: for a need in consumption of 3kW, you can have a configuration: 

  • 1 kW provided by solar energy
  • 2 kW provided by batteries


This technique of multi power allows to strongly decrease the Battery Park and extend its life.

This inverter accepts up to 4000 Wc of photovoltaic panels, and can connect to the network or another source of renewable energy if the solar production is insufficient.



  • Residential, commercial and telecommunications 
  • Areas where electricity supply is unstable 
  • Areas that are not connected to the network

Use back-up modeUse back-up mode

It is possible to use the ups as a "back-up", without solar panels. In this mode, the UPS will ensure the role of UPS to protect your devices from the network cuts.

The UPS protects computers and equipment audio-visual or any other sensitive charge by providing a stable current. It guarantees a power supply of consumers.
The electricity produced from these inverter pure sine is stable. 

Possibility to protect one or more rooms in your home through the distribution box.

Use in Off-grid mode (off-grid)

Use in Off-grid mode (off-grid)

In this configuration, the inverter uses panels to supply consumers and to charge the batteries when the Sun is present. The inverter draws aware of batteries to ensure the distribution of energy at night. 

There is possibility to add a generator on the inverter AC input to ensure a backup power supply.

Use in mode hybridUse in mode hybrid

The inverter takes power on the network only if the batteries are empty and that the solar production was not sufficient to cover the consumption.

The inverter back never power on the grid.

As for the "back-up" mode, it is possible to connect as a part of your installation domestic on the inverter. Consumers connected to the inverter will be always powered even if the grid power d e distribution. In addition, these consumers will be powered for free!

The models WKS 4.0 and 5.0 (with a respective capacity of 4 and 5 kVA) can connect in parallel so as to add their power. You can connect up to 4 devices in parallel to achieve a power of 20 kVA.

Converter Pure sine

Converter Pure sine

The WKS is an inverter pure sine voltage (pure sine wave) that reproduces a stream of similar quality to that of the public network. It can be used to power any device.

80A maximum load current

The integrated WKS a controller of load MPPT developing a maximum load of 80 current has

MPPT regulatorMPPT regulator

The WKS has also the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology is to say he's looking at all times the maximum power point, which allows to get the best performance of the photovoltaic panels. In addition to providing increased energy to a facility, it optimizes the battery and prolongs their life. He scans the on-board tension to find the point of maximum power output and is capable of adapting the power provided by the Panel to align the voltage that the battery can receive.



  • Inverter pure sine
  • 5kW MPPT solar charge controller
  • Priority of the adjustable charging source (solar or network)
  • Compatible network and generator
  • Auto restart
  • Protection against overload, temperature and short circuits
  • smart battery for a longer lifetime of the charge.
  • Cold start function
  • USB port
  • Deported integrated display
  • Allows up to 9 inverters in parallel
 Incompatible with the remote display.


POWER5000VA / 5000W
Voltage230 VAC
Voltage range110-280 VAC
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz (auto detection)
Regulation of the voltage AC (Batt. Mode)230VAC ± 5%
Peak power (5 sec)

10 000VA

Transfer time0 ms
outputPure sine
Voltage nominal battery48 VDC
Types of batteriesAGM, GEL, open (configurable)
Algorithm of load3 steps 
Voltage in floating54 VDC
Overload protection66 VDC
Maximum charge current60A (adjustable)
Power max PV4000 W
MPPT operating range60 ~ 115 VDC
Maximum PV open circuit voltage145 VDC
Load current max80A
Max performance98%
Consumption standby2 W
Dimension D x W x H (mm)140 x 303 x 525
Weight (kgs)13.5
Moisture5% to 95%
Operating temperature0 ° C - 55 ° C
Storage temperature-15 ° C - 60 ° C
Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 18
  • Average Grade : 4.7 /5
  • P. Olivier
  •  the 13/05/2022
  • 5/5
très beau produit ,pas encore installé
  • P. Jérôme
  •  the 14/01/2022
  • 5/5
Très bon produit et facile à mettre en œuvre Réglage simple, courant stable (entre 229 et 230v à 50hz)
  • B. Jean
  •  the 29/12/2021
  • 5/5
produit conforme
  • G. Francois
  •  the 05/09/2021
  • 4/5
Pas encore reçu, Mise en œuvre a priori simple La notice demande à être plus précise, exemple sur les différents fonctionnements possible; en autonome sans réseau EDF, comment interdire la recharge batterie sur réseau, comment interdire le réseau d’alimenter la charge, etc… Le produit n’aura pas forcément le dernier firmware J’ai hâte de voir son comportement. Etc…
  • G. Daniel
  •  the 09/07/2021
  • 5/5
rien a dire parfait
  • R. Patrick
  •  the 08/07/2021
  • 5/5
tel moi
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 26/03/2021
  • 5/5
A very complete design of a battery charger (AC net and sun panels) with versatile preset parameter for different battery types and brands. It's also a versatile inverter setup UPS modes and priorities. The cable connections are easy accessible. Weaker points are the cable access holes. A cable gland instead of the star openings would be a more appropriate assembly solution. The work setup via communication via the integrated (but removable) panel needs a lot patience, onthe other hand is the blue tooth link very comfortable in use. A lot of value for the price.
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 02/12/2020
  • 5/5
Produit de bonne qualité
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 01/08/2020
  • 5/5
bien emballé, a voir en fonctionnement
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 16/07/2020
  • 5/5
Très bien
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 02/07/2020
  • 5/5
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 30/04/2020
  • 5/5
Bon produit pour le moment à suivre dans le temps impossible de connecter un iPhone en Bluetooth application WatchPower qui nécessite le clé wifi pn alors que androïd n’a pas besoin car application différente
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 23/04/2020
  • 4/5
Rien a signler
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 16/04/2020
  • 4/5
J'aurai aimé un petit plan d'ensemble pour le gain de temps.....
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 09/04/2020
  • 5/5
pas encore branché
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 15/02/2020
  • 5/5
Conforme à la description, et convient parfaitement à ce que nous souhaitions. On ne tardera pas à en prendre un 2eme pour etre totalement autonome. Il est un peu bruyant mais il fait le job
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 12/09/2019
  • 5/5
Pas encore ouvert le capot mais de bonne qualité à première vu
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 18/10/2018
  • 3/5
J'attends de le voir à la œuvre


Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Inverter power5000VA