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X-Hybrid converter SolaX 3700E


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With the X-Hybrid of Solax, it is solar energy on demand thanks to its intelligent energy management system.


This product is no longer manufactured.



It is replaced by high voltage inverters:

• Solax X3 Hybrid Three-phase HV

• SolaX X1 Hybrid Single-phase HV

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Onduleur Solax 3000

Much more than a simple inverter

The innovative X-Hybrid is a management system of intelligent energy which stores the surplus energy in batteries for later consumption.

X-Hybrid stores excess energy in batteries for consumption at a later time, which allows to use solar energy at any time by storing the energy not consumed. He converts and transmits the solar energy to the place where and when it is needed. The X-Hybrid system is also available a CAS integrated, allowing you to dispose of the energy stored in the event of mains supply.

Its benefits

  • Increase in the consumption of more than 80%

  • Limitation of exports and consumption of water.

  • The latest battery technology

  • Excellent performance

  • Remote via wifi monitoring management

  • 10 years warranty

DC power maximum recommended [W]330040005000
Maximum DC voltage550
Nominal voltage of operation CC [V]360
Voltage [V] MPPT range125-530
Maximum input current [A]1212/1212/12
Maximum short-circuit current [A]1515/1515/15
Number of MPP trackers122
String per MPP tracker111
Rated power AC (W)300036804600
Rated voltage AC; Beach (V); Frequency [Hz]230, 180 ~ 270; 50/60
Current nominal AC (A)131620
Current AC max (A)14.41621.7
Total harmonic distortion (THD) [%]< 3
Power factor (rated power)1
Displacement power factor0.8 leadlng 0.8 of delay
Efficiency [%] MPPT99.9
Performance (Europe) [%]97.0
Maximum efficiency [%]97.6
By power [W]< 7
LCDBacklight 16 * 4 characters
CommunicationsEthernet / WiFi / dry Contact / meter (optional)
Led light4
Compatible battery typeLead-acid batteries / battery lithium
Nominal voltage [V] battery48
Battery voltage range [V]40-60
Maximum load current [A]50 (adjustable)
Load curveadaptable in 3 steps with maintenance
Protection against overcurrent / overheatingYes
Communication interfacesCan/RS232
DC switchOptional
Maximum number of external chargers taken in charge0
Operating temperature range [° C]-10 ~ + 50 (downgrading to 40)
Storage stability range [° C]-20 ~ + 60
Altitude limit [m]< 2000
Concept of coolingForced air flow
Issue of noise (typical) [dB]< 40
Humidity [%]0 ~ 95 (without condensation)
Protection classIP20 (indoor use)
Overvoltage categoryIII (on the side of power supply), II (on the side of PV)
Standard CRBIEC61000-6-1/2/3
TopologyWithout transformer
Guarantee [years]5-10
Dimensions W * H * D [mm]700 * 591 * 151
Weight [kg]27.7
CertificationVDE 4105 / AS/NZS4777.2 / C10 11 / EN50438-NL / EN50438-DK / OVE/HUMANITY 8001 / G83, G59 / CEI 0-21
EPS power rating [goes]200020002000
EPS power rated [V], frequency [Hz]230,50/60
Current nominal EPS [A]
EPS peak power [A]; Duration [s]1.5xRrated, 101.5xRrated, 101.5xRrated, 10
Total harmonic distortion (THD) [%]< 3
Switching time [s]< 3


Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Nombre de MPPT1 MPPT
Inverter power4000VA
Grid reinjectionWith