SolaX X1 Boost 4.2T single-phase inverter


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X1 Boost 4.2T single-phase SolaX inverter: maximum efficiency of 97.8%, maximum CC input voltage of 600V and remote control via X-Cloud.

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SolaX single-phase X1 BOOST

Presentation: SolaX single-phase X1 BOOST

SolaX has developed an industry-unfazed inverter range unmatched for quality, reliability and efficiency. SolaX single-phase inverters offer a wide range of MPPT voltage to allow for better energy recovery and have a maximum input voltage of 600V, with a maximum efficiency of 98%. In addition, SolaX single-phase inverters are IP66 compliant, do not have an internal fan, and come with the optional "Plug-Play" Wi-Fi.


Perfect for residential photovoltaic panels

The X1 Boost is the ultimate residential solar inverter, perfectly designed for homes with solar panels on different sides of the roof. With two MPPT trackers, the X1 Boost can be connected to two separate panel arrays, our X1 Boost is also rated IP66, which means it can be installed outdoors.

Simple, Reliable, Efficient

The SolaX X1 Boost is one of the most efficient residential solar inverters available on the market today, offering a massive efficiency of 98% and with a maximum CC voltage of 600V, you can make sure you get the most out of your solar energy.


Install indoors or outdoors

The X1 Boost is rated IP66, which means it can be installed indoors or outdoors, giving you the option to choose where to install the system.



Maximum power of photovoltaic panels (Wc)6300
Maximum CC Power. Recommended (W)A: 3300B: 3300
Maximum CC tension (V)600
Nominal CC service voltage (V)360
Maximum entry current (A)12/12
Short-circuit current max. (A)14/14
MPPT voltage range (V)70-580
Start-up service voltage (V)100
MPP/MPPT/MPP follow-up number2(1/1)
Rated AC Power (VA)4200
Maximum AC Power (VA)4620
Nominal voltage of the power grid (AC voltage range) (V)220/230/240; 180-280
Frequency/Nominal Range of The Power Grid (Hz)50/60; ±5
Current AC nominal (A)18,3
Current AC max. (A)20,1
Moving power factor0.8 capacitive - 0.8 inductive
THDi, rated power (%)<2
MPPT return (%)99,9
European return (%)97
Maximum return (%)97,8
Sleep consumption (night) (W)<0.5
Surge protectionYes
Protection from over-intensitiesYes
Monitoring of isolated resistance CCYes
Monitoring the fault current to the earthYes
Monitoring CC injectionYes
Differential circuit breaker protectionYes
securityIEC 62109-1/-2
EmcIN 61000-6-1, 61000-6-2, 61000-6-3
certificationG98, G99, AS 4777, VDE4105, 50549, IEC 0-21
Degree of protection (according to IEC 60529)IP65
Range of service temperatures (C)-25 to 60 (downgrade to 45)
Maximum operating altitude (m)<000
Humidity (%)0 to 100 (condensation)
Storage temperature (C)-25 ~ 60
Typical sound level (dB)25
Dimensions (L x l x P) (mm)430 x 341.5 x 143
Weight (kg)14,5
Cooling typenatural
topologyNot isolated
Communication interfacesPocket Wi-Fi (optional)
Local pocket network (optional)
Pocket GPRS (optional)
Counter (optional)
USB for update
Standard warranty (years)5 - 10 years old


Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Nombre de MPPT2 MPPT
Inverter power4000VA