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UPS Vision MOD online 10Kva inverter

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UPS 10000VA (8000W) ready to be mounted in a rack cabinet 19 "

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UPS 10000VA (8000W) ready to be mounted in a rack cabinet 19 "


On line type (also called double conversion )

schema onduleur onlineThis UPS operates a double conversion 

- In normal mode, the UPS inverter is placed between the network and the load. The power supplied to the consumers goes constantly through the UPS which carries a double conversion AC / DC and DC / AC .

- In standalone mode , the battery supplies power to the inverter and the inverter supplies power to the load. This configuration is the most expensive but also the most comprehensive in terms of the protection of the load. The inverter converts continuously the voltage of the grid, allowing precise control of the voltage and frequency of the output . Given the isolation of consumers over the electric grid, power system disturbances are eliminated at the UPS output


Furthermore, the transition from normal mode to autonomous mode is instant without any swapping delay . The UPS directs the load to the network using a static bypass contactor in caseof a failure or battery discharge. The UPS is synchronized with the grid, the transfer is carried out without break. This UPS is the best protection against interference and micro-breaks for sensitive equipment.

Performance and productivity


  • Technology supply on-line double conversion, constantly regulates voltage and frequency.
  • Up to 98% efficiency in economy mode.
  • Continuously, the inverter outputs a sinusoidal current "clean" to the connected equipment.



  • Its graphical display provides clear and detailed information on the UPS status
  • Its can measure power consumption and display via the LCD screen.
  • To double the power, he can be connected in parallel with another UPS Vision MOD 10kva.



Nominal capacity6kva / 4,8kW
Rated voltage380/400VAC or 220/230VAC
Voltage range208-478VAC (3/1) or 120-276VAC (1/1)
Input power factor>0,99
Current THDi<5%
Voltage220/230VAC +- 2% with pure sine wave 
Harmonic distortion<2% (linar load) / <5% (non-linear load) 
Crest factor3:1 
EfficiencyECO-mode >98% / Normal-mode > 90% 

Optional battery quantity: 192/216/240V (16-20 batteries)

Maximum charging current

6A per module (can be set according to battery capacity installed)


Additional backup time 

Internal batteries for short backup time or external battery cabinet for long backup 
Input / Output Overload, Overheating, Short Circuit, Battery Low, Noise and Spike Suppression 
Overload AC-Mode  ?110% - 60min / ?125% - 10min / ?150% - 1min
Overload Battery Mode  ?110% - 30sec / ?125% - 1sec / ?150% - 200msec
Overload Bypass Mode 

Input Breaker 60A 

 Alarms - Indication
Audible alarmBeeping sound for Line Failure, Battery Low, Bypass - Overload Status, Fault Status 
LED-AlarmLine - Backup - Eco Mode, Bypass, Battery Low/Bad/Disconnect, Overload, Fault 


Big touchscreen display 5" 

TypeInternal static (automatic) and manual bypass / External bypass optional 
Bypass voltage range Max.voltage: +15%(optional +5/10/25% ) / Min. voltage: -45% (optional -20/30%) Frequency protection range: ±10% 

CE, EN62040-1-1 (ESD), EN62040-2 (EMI)

Protection class




Working temperature: 0 - 40°C / Storage temperature: -25 - 55°C 

Humidity / Altitude 

0-95% non condensing / < 1500m

Audible noise at 1m 

<50dB /1m according to EN62040-2 



In the cabinet

RS232 / RS485 / 2 free slots / dry contacts / EPO - software included 

In the module




Dimensions of the module

Dimensions WxDxH 

443x580x131mm (3u)



25kg (without batteries 13,5kg) 


Power10000 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé