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Hybrid Off Grid controller 40kW BatterX


Off-Grid Hybrid Charge Controller 40kW for Hybrid Inverter BatterX.

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Contrôleur Off Grid hybride
Power10 et 40kW (up to 8 units in parallel)
MPPT input270-640 Vdc (40kW TBA)
Input min/mac. Voc200 Vdc / 800 Vdc (40kW TBA)
Efficiency≥ 97%
CommunicationRS232, 4 dry contacts, EPO, multi language graphical
Dimensions H x D x W / wieght10kw : 3U x 500 x 440 / 17kg (40kW TBA)



Operating : energy price management


Operating : peak load management

Solar energy


In combination with a PV installation the solar energy is the primary energy source to supply the load with stable and uninterruptible power. It also charges your batteries.

Grid & generator supply


The grid only supplies the load when the solar and/or battery energy is not strong or not available. Partial grid supply is managed by the Energy Flow Manager (EFM)

Battery storage


With this unique and modular technology, it is able to provide very big storage capacities. In combination with solar energy, it can power and protect you during many hours or days.