SMA Sunny Island SI4.4M-13/SI6.0H-13/SI8.0H-13


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The Sunny Island 4.4M is the ideal product for stand-alone or grid-connected systems in the power range of 2 to 13 kW. It stores the solar energy it has produced itself. The high protection class, wide temperature range, and overload capacity provide the necessary security for applications far from the network.

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Sunny Island 4.4M / 6.0H / 8.0H

Even more economical

With the new generation of devices, installing the proven Sunny Island charger inverter is even simpler and more economical. Whether within your own home or for industrial applications. On the public power grid or in areas far from the grid.

Sunny Island has already been installed more than 120,000 times worldwide. With the new generation, installers and plant operators benefit from an even more user-friendly charger inverter.

• Lower system costs due to fewer components
• Faster installation and commissioning thanks to a simple user interface
• Extended warranty period: 10 years

Interactif dans tous les domaines


Interactive in all areas

Thanks to the integrated web interface and standard WLAN and Ethernet interfaces, the Sunny Island is now easy to configure and monitor from a smartphone or tablet.

• Use of standard Ethernet and WLAN interfaces
• Webconnect for quick and easy installation monitoring via Sunny Portal/Sunny Places
• Local monitoring via web interface
• Optimized data logging for maximum transparency, even without permanent online access

Flexible implementation in residential and business

Sunny Island is particularly flexible, whether used in remote areas of the grid or for energy management in the private or industrial sector. It offers planners maximum freedom in terms of system size and type, battery and energy production mode. For self-consumption systems, backup power systems and networks in isolated sites.

• Possibility of subsequent equipment and modular extension for single-phase and three-phase systems from 1 to 30 kilowatts
• For all lead-acid batteries and more than 20 different lithium-ion batteries
• Scalable with SMA's multicluster technology for systems from 20 to 300 kilowatts

Un approvisionnement énergétique fiable à tout momentReliable energy supply at all times

• Sunny Island operates reliably even in the most extreme conditions, without loss of profitability.
• Extremely high overload capacity ensures energy supply even in critical situations
• IP54 for operation even in extreme conditions


ModelsSunny Island 4.4MSunny Island 6.0H
Sunny Island 8.0H
Operation with public network or generator
Rated network voltage / AC voltage range230 V / 172.5 V to 264.5 V
Assigned network frequency / allowed frequency range50 Hz / 40 Hz to 70 Hz
Maximum alternating current for the optimization of self-consumption (network management)14.5 A20 A26 A6)
Maximum apparent AC power for self-consumption optimization (network management)3.3 kVA4.6 kVA6 kVA6)
Maximum AC input current50 A
Maximum AC input power11500 W
Adjustable phase shift factor0.8 inductive to 0.8 capacitive
Isolated site operation mode or backup mode
Rated network voltage / AC voltage range230 V / 202 V to 253 V
Rated Frequency / Frequency Range (Adjustable)50 Hz/45 Hz to 65 Hz
Rated power (for Unom, fnom / 25 °C / cos φ = 1)3300 W4600 W6000 W
AC power at 25°C for 30 min / 5 min / 3 s4400 W / 4600 W / 5500 WW 6000 W / 6800 W / 11000 W
8000 W / 9100 W / 11000 W
AC power at 45°C3000 W3700 W5430 W
Rated current / Maximum output current (peak)14.5 A / 60 A20 A / 120 A26 A / 120 A
Harmonic distortion rate output voltage / Power factor at rated power< 5% / −1 to +1< 1.5% / −1 to +1
< 1.5% / −1 to +1
DC battery input
Rated Input Voltage / DC Voltage Range48 V / 41 V to 63 V
Maximum battery charging current / DC rated charging current / DC rated discharge current75 A / 63 A / 75 A110 A/90 A/103 A
140 A / 115 A / 130 A
Battery type / Battery capacity (rangeLi-Ion1), FLA, VRLA /
100 Ah to 10000 Ah (lead)
50 Ah to 10000 Ah (Li-Ion)
Load controlIUoU charging method with full load and automatic equalization load
Yield / Self-consumption of the device
Maximum yield95,5 %95,8 %95,8 %
Open Circuit Power / Standby Mode18 W / 6.8 W25.8 W / 6.5 W25.8 W / 6.5 W
Protective device (apparatus)
AC Short Circuit / AC Overload● / ●
DC Reverse Polarity Protection / DC Fuse− / −
Overtemperature / Excessive battery discharge● / ●
Surge category according to IEC 60664-1III
General characteristics
Dimensions (L/H/D)467 mm / 612 mm / 242 mm
(18.4 inches / 21.1 inches / 9.5 inches)
Weight44 kg (97 lb)63 kg (138.9 lb)63 kg (138.9 lb)
Operating temperature range−25 °C to +60 °C (−13 °F to +140 °F)
Protection class according to IEC 62103I
Climate class according to IEC 607213K6
Protection rating according to IEC 60529IP54
In accordance with RoHS-III
Equipment / Function
WLAN, Speedwire / Webconnect / SI-SYSCAN (Multicluster)● / ● / −● / ● / ○● / ● / ○
Direct connection to the Sunny Portal via Webconnect
Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS via Data Manager M or L
Micro SD memory card for extended data recording
Display via smartphone, tablet, laptop/multifunction relay● / 2
Three-phase systems (with rotating field)2) / Emergency current function● / ●
Calculation of state of charge / Full load / Equalization load● / ● / ●
Battery Temperature Sensor / Communication Cables○ / ●
Certificates and approvalswww/
Lid color yellow / aluminum white○ / ○
Warranty: 5 / 10 years● / ●³)
For isolated site installations
Switching time in backup mode (unswitching or MC-Box)4)0 ms (large ohmic value) / 20 ms (their ohmic value)
Automatic detection of rotating fields / Generator support● / ●
Parallel mounting / Multicluster− / −● / ●● / ●
Integrated soft start

● Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment — Not available; All specifications – Version: 09/2020
1) See "List of Approved Batteries" on 2) 3 x Sunny Island 3) In case of registration in Sunny Portal 4) See "Switchovertime-TI-en-11| Version 1.1" on
5) Provisioning through an external supplier 6) different limitation depending on the parameterized regional dataset (e.g. VDE-AR-N 4105:2018= 4.6 kVA and 20 A)