SolarEdge power optimizer S500


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• Specially designed to work with SolarEdge residential inverters
• Detects abnormal behavior of the PV connector, thus preventing potential safety issues (Functionality depends on the inverter model and firmware version).
• Stop the voltage at the module level for the safety of the installer and the firefighter
• Superior performance (99.5%)
• Mitigates all types of module adaptation loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading.
• Faster installations thanks to simplified cable management and easy assembly using a single bolt.
• Flexible system design for maximum space utilization
• Compatible with bifacial PV modules

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Power Optimizer


Turn solar modules into smart modules for maximum power and efficiency

SolarEdge's Power Optimizer is a DC/DC converter that connects to each solar module in a PV system, turning them into smart modules. By constantly tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of each individual solar module, Power Optimizers increase the system's power output, which can increase revenue and accelerate the system's return on investment.

By attaching our power optimizers to each solar module, installers, electricians, and operations and maintenance personnel can easily monitor system performance and locate and resolve issues at any point in the chain with extreme accuracy.

Each Power Optimizer is equipped with industry-leading safety mechanisms, such as the unique SafeDCTM feature designed to automatically reduce the high DC voltage of the modules to a safe level when the inverter or power grid is turned off, for maximum protection of people and property.

Introducing the S-Series Home Power Optimizer

SolarEdge has launched its most innovative residential power optimizer.

The S-Series further strengthens our industry-leading security technology, setting a new benchmark for arcing detection and prevention with the Sense Connect SolarEdge feature (available from 2022 via a firmware update).

We've also streamlined our range of Power Optimizers to simplify project design and logistics, shorten installation times with improved cable layout, and scale each S-Series model to meet changing PV module requirements.

Flexible design with module-level MPPT

Tracking the maximum power point at the module level allows more flexibility in the design, especially for installations with several orientations, inclinations and types of modules on the same chain. When working with SolarEdge inverters, each Power Optimizer automatically maintains a fixed chain voltage, giving installers even more flexibility with longer chains and chains of different lengths to design optimal PV systems.

SolarEdge power optimizers are compatible with all types of modules, including high-power modules and bifacial modules.


Main advantages

• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module, with one power optimizer for two modules supported by tertiary power optimizers.
• Superior efficiency (peak efficiency of 99.5%, weighted efficiency of 98.8%)
• Mitigates all energy losses related to mismatch between modules, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading and aging.
• Compatible with all types of modules, including high-power modules and bifacial modules
• Accurate and real-time monitoring of module performance
• Industry-leading built-in security features for maximum protection of people and property:
• SafeDC™, designed to automatically reduce DC voltage to a safe level in the event of a grid or UPS shutdown
• Sense Connect SoalrEdge, for proactive monitoring and detection of faulty wiring that could cause connectors or arcing to overheat*.
• Designed for extreme environmental conditions
• 25-year product warranty
• Available mounted in advance on frame, for faster installation
*For S-Series Power Optimizers only, available from 2022 via firmware update



Rated DC input power(1)500W
Absolute maximum input voltage (VoC)60Vdc
MPPT operating range8-60Vdc
Maximum short circuit current (Isc) of the connected PV module15Adc
Maximum yield99.5%
Weighted return98.6%
Surge categoryII 
Maximum output current15Adc
Maximum output voltage60Vdc
Safety output voltage by power optimizer1Vdc
EMCFCC Part 15 Class B, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3, CISPR11, EN-55011
SecurityIEC62109-1 (Class II safety), UL1741
MaterialUL94 V-0, UV resistant
Fire safetyVDE-AR-E 2100-712:2013-05
Maximum allowed system voltage1000Vdc
Dimensions (W x D x H)129 x 155 x 30mm
Weight (including cables)655gr
Input connectorMC4(2) 
Input cable length0,1m
Output connectorMC4 
Output cable length(+) 2,3, (-) 0,10m
Operating temperature range(3)40 to +85°C
Protection ratingIP68 / NEMA6P 
Relative humidity0 - 100%
(1) The rated STC power of the module shall not exceed the rated input DC power of the power optimizer. Modules with a power tolerance of up to +5% are allowed
(2) For other types of connectors, please contact SolarEdge
(3) For an ambient temperature above +70 °C, a power reduction is applied. Refer to Technical Note on Power Reduction of Power Optimizers Due to
temperature for more details.

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