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WKS Evo MAX 7.2kVA 48V hybrid inverter


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WKS hybrid inverters are the ideal solution to power a self-consumption home or to make an isolated site self-contained

This inverter can be used to power consumers up to 7200W
2 built-in MPPT 80As allow you to put up 8000Wc of panels (4000Wc x2)

It is possible to put him in the public network or generator for recharge the batteries

Totally set up via the inverter's LCD screen
SAV provided in-house, spare parts available.

Built-in Wi-Fi, Android and iOS (WatchPower) app available and removable LCD control module with multiple communications


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The ideal solution for your projects in self-consumption or in isolated areas


• Customizable state LED bar with RGB lights
• Built-in Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring (Android/iOS app is available)
• Supports USB On-the-Go
• Communication port reserved for BMS (RS485, CAN-BUS or RS232)
• Replaceable fan to make maintenance easier
• Independent battery operation
• Timer and priority for using configurable AC/PV outputs
• Selectable high-power charge current
• Selectable entry voltage range for home appliances and personal computers.
• Compatible with the power grid or generator entrance
• Built-in dust-proof kit
• Parallel operation up to 6 units only available for 7.2kVa
• Maximum charge current of 80A

It is a multifunction inverter, combining the functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to provide uninterrupted power in a single case.
The full LCD display offers user-configurable and easily accessible control buttons, such as battery charge current, CA or solar charging priority, and acceptable input voltage depending on the different applications.

Wi-Fi Communication (WatchPower)Wi-Fi Communication (WatchPower)


Set up your inverter and installation, check your production and record your data from your smartphone!

The WKS Evo Wi-Fi app gives you easy access to all the information in your installation.

An example of the available pages of the app is given in the product images.

The next-generation inverter


Enjoy continuous and reliable power whether the network is available or not. The energy produced by WKS inverters is oriented and used intelligently for optimal performance. All priorities can be defined by the user: use of batteries, solar or AC source (network or generator) In self-consumption, the energy produced by your panels is fluctuating and it does not correspond to consumption. The WKS inverter stores some of the solar production in the batteries for later use during the evening or night. In isolated sites, the WKS inverter can be plugged into a generator to charge the batteries if they are empty and there is insufficient solar production. This inverter is able to work with several different energy sources such as:

  • public network
  • photovoltaic panels
  • thermal generator
  • Batteries 


Microprocessor management directs energy according to production, consumption requirements and battery charging. It is possible to follow up in real time locally or remotely. The WKS inverter does not re-inject power onto the electrical grid.

3 modes of operation


  •  Solar priority 
  •  aid
  •  Solar and grid
 - Adjusting the battery charge current
 - Possibility of limiting or prohibiting the charge via the network
 - 90-450V input voltage (useful for fluctuating networks)
 - Economic mode (limitation of self-consumption)
 - Fine setting of battery charge characteristics
 - Automatic restart in case of overload and over-temperature
 - Possibility of limiting battery discharge in order to preserve their lifespan
 - Tension back in set-up battery mode 
 - Overload bypass (allows to pass on the network in case of peak consumption)
 - Low battery safety

Multi-energy power


Example: For a 3kW consumption need, you can have a setup: 

  • 1 kW supplied by solar energy
  • 2 kW supplied by batteries


This multi-power technique greatly reduces the battery stock and extends its lifespan.

This inverter accepts up to 8000 Toilets of photovoltaic panels, and can connect to the grid or other renewable energy source if solar production is insufficient.


  • Residential, commercial and telecommunications 
  • Areas where electricity supply is unstable 
  • Areas that are not connected to the grid

Use in back-up mode


Use in back-up mode

It is possible to use the inverter as a "back-up" without photovoltaic panels. In this mode, the inverter will act as UPS, to protect your devices from network outages.

The inverter protects computers and audio-visual equipment, or any other sensitive load by providing a stable current. It guarantees uninterrupted consumer power.
The electricity generated from these pure sinus inverters is stable. 

It is possible to protect only one or more rooms of your home through the distribution box.

Use in Off-grid mode (off-grid)

Use in Off-grid mode (off-grid)


In this configuration, the inverter uses the panels to power consumers and to charge the batteries when the sun is present. The inverter draws power from the batteries to ensure the distribution of energy at night. 
There is the possibility of adding a generator to the AC input of the inverter to provide backup power.

Use in hybrid mode


Use in hybrid mode

The inverter only takes power from the grid if the batteries are empty and solar production was not sufficient to cover consumption.

The inverter never re-injects power onto the electrical grid.

As with the back-up mode, it is possible to connect only part of your home installation to the inverter. Consumers connected to the inverter will always be powered, even if the electricity grid is cut off. In addition, these consumers will be fed for free!

Pure Sinus Converter

Pure Sinus Converter


The WKS is a pure sinusoidal voltage inverter (pure sinus) that reproduces a current of similar quality to that of the public network. It can be used to power all types of devices.

Maximum charge current of 80A


The WKS incorporates two MPPT charging controllers each developing a maximum charge current of 80A

MPPT Regulator

MPPT Regulator

The WKS also has the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, which means that it is constantly looking for the maximum power point, which allows to draw the best performance of photovoltaic panels. In addition to providing an increased energy to an installation, it optimizes the battery charge and extends their lifespan. It scans the panel voltage to find the maximum power output point and is able to adjust the voltage provided by the panel to align with the voltage the battery can receive.

Description of the function of the icons


Icon: Indicates that the unit is connected to the sectorIndicates that the unit is connected to the sector



Icon: Indicates that the unit is connected to the photovoltaic panelIndicates that the unit is connected to the photovoltaic panel



 Icon: BypassIndicates that the load is provided by the sector


Icon: Indicates that the sector loader circuit is workingIndicates that the sector loader circuit is working



Icon: Indicates that the solar charger circuit is working Indicates that the solar charger circuit is working 



Icon: Indicates that the CC/CA inverter circuit worksIndicates that the CC/CA inverter circuit works



 Icon: Indicates that the unit alarm is disabledIndicates that the unit alarm is disabled



Time view pageIcon: Time view page



WatchPower 1.14




Nominal power7200VA/7200W
Parallel capacity
Yes, up to 6 units
Entry tension230 VAC
Selectable voltage range
170-280 VAC (For personal computer)

90-280 VAC (For household appliances)
Frequency range
50 Hz / 60 Hz (Automatic Detection)
CA voltage regulation (Batt Mode.)230 VAC - 5%
Power surge15000VA
Efficiency (peak)90% - 93%
Transfer time
15 ms (for personal computer); 20 ms (for household appliances)
WaveformPure sine wave
Empty energy consumption<70W
Battery voltage48 VDC
Floating load voltage54 VDC
Overload protection66VDC
Solar charger and CA charger
Type of solar chargerMPPT x2
Maximum POWER of the PV generator
8000W (4000W x2)
MPPT beach at running voltage90 - 450 VDC
Maximum open circuit voltage of the photovoltaic panel500 VDC
Maximum solar charge current80A x2
Maximum CA charge current80A
Maximum charge current80A
Dimension, DxWxH (mm)
147.4 x 432.5 x 553.6
Net weight (kgs)18.4
Communication interface
USB/RS232/RS485/WiFi/Dry Contact
Operating environment
5% to 95% Relative humidity (without condensation)
Operating temperature-10C to 50C
Storage temperature-15C 0 60C
Security compliancethat


Charge power150A
Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Inverter power8000VA