Sermatec 5kW 48V hybrid inverter


1 790,00 € tax incl.

Nominal capacity: 5KW;
Pv maximum input capacity: 6000W, supports 2 MPPT trackers;
Will take over the paralleling to increase production capacity (under development);
5-year warranty;
Service monitoring and setting remotely produced by WATTUNEED; 
App available on Apple and Android;
Compatible with Lithium Pylontech, BYD, GCL, ...
Simple installation;
Energy meter included.

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It allows users to produce their own energy, to obtain certain economic benefits.
When solar energy is sufficient, the inverter draws energy from the PV station to power consumers, and the remaining power will charge the energy of the batteries. The inverter automatically powers the battery charge.
When the battery's energy runs out, the inverter takes power from the grid, powers consumers and recharges the battery.
This all-or-nothing network inverter can be installed indoors or outdoors.


APP setting
Automatic match
Self-diagnosis, maintenance-free

Simple installation

Use manual and installation video
Installing modularization
International standard cables



Compatible with various input sources
Ufepo4 compatible - lead battery
Solar access, network and generator
Soon, the ability to put several inverters in parallel (under development)
On-off-grid mode switching time less than 10 ms, can be used as UPS
Single-phase, three-phase output for residential and commercial applications



High efficiency at 99%
Advanced tracking technology to improve the efficiency of the PV station
High-precision MPPT control algorithm and INV algorithm allowing a high-efficiency network connection and autonomous energy conversion.


Self-protection technology
Large voltage and frequency input
IP65 protection
Automatic air cooling
Stable operation at altitude, high temperature and very humid environment


The intelligent management system imposes self-operation
WIFI, CAN, RS485, USB (optional), GPRS (optional) Multiple monitoring modes

Check the status of your daily, monthly and annual production

You can look at your consumption from your facility

Analyze the energy taken from the grid

View your batteries' charge 

Explicit graphs containing information on daily, daily, annual and total self-use


Daily production (self-use/self-powered/battery charge);

Daily consumption (Product, purchased electricity, battery discharge).



Conversion efficiency


To download the Sermatec app directly to your phone, you can scan this QR CODE directly


Remote monitoring by WATTUNEED

With remote Pro monitoring, we can help you manage and set up your installation.



We have the ability to visualize the status of your batteries;


Your signs;



Your inverter;



Network information;


General information.



Dc power max. recommended6000
DC Rated Power (W)5000
Max. Continuous Tension (V)580 V
MPPT voltage range (V)125-550 V
Start-up tension (V)125
Maximum entry current (A)11 A
Maximum current protection (A)15
Number of MPPT trackers2
DC Output (Drums)
Battery typeLi-Ion or Lead-acid
Nominal battery voltage (V)48
Battery voltage range (V)40-58
Battery capacity (Ah)Programmable as needed
Load curve3 steps
Max. Charge tension (V)60
Max. Charge Current (A)70
Over-intensity protection (A)100
Maximum charge power (W)4600 set-up
Maximum load efficiency (%)95
Maximum discharge current (A)100
Maximum discharge power (W)4600
Maximum discharge yield (%)96
Entry (AC)
Network voltage range (V)170V-280V AC
Network frequency (Hz)50Hz/60Hz
Network input power (W)6000
Maximum entry current (A)15
Exit (AC)
Grid typePhase
Rated network power (W)5000
Peak power (off-grid)110% charge: 30 minutes charge 120%: 5 minutes 150% charge: 5S
Nominal output50/60Hz; 230vac
Exit beach45-55Hz/55-65Hz; 180-270Vac
Maximum output current (A)22.8
Over-intensity protection (A)32
Total harmonic distortion (THD, rated power) (%)3
Moving power factor-0.9 - 0.9
Backup output (with battery)
Grid typeMonphasé
Nominal Emergency Power (W)4600
Nominal output50/60Hz; 230vac
Exit beach45-55Hz/55-65Hz; 180-270Vac
Maximum output current (A)15
Over-intensity protection (A)25 kg
Peak Exit Power (W)4800W 5Mins 6000W 5S
Total harmonic distortion (THD, rated power) (%)3
Moving power factor-0.9 - 0.9
Instant recovery time20ms
Peak factor 03:01:00
UPS Switch time (MS)10ms
MPPT Efficiency (%)99,9
Efficiency of Europe (%)97
Maximum return. 97,6
Battery charge/discharge efficiency (%)$95
Anti-island protection Integrated
CC Switch (PV)Integrated (optical)
Protection against outfaite current overtensions Integrated
Short-circuit protectionIntegrated
Protection against exit surges Integrated
Certifications and standards
Network regulation VDE 0126/VDE-AR-N4105/G83-2/ AS 4777.2/EN50438/CEI 0 -21
Safety regulations IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN62109-2
EmcIEC/EN 61000-6-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-3
General data
Size (Large-Height-Deep mm)495*516*152
Weight (kg)25
MountingWall support
Room temperature range-25-60 degrees Celsius
Relative humidity 0-95%
Maximum operation. Altitude (m)4000 (3000m decommissioning)
Degree of protectionIP65
Environmental categoryOutdoors and indoors
Degree of environmental pollutionDegree1,2,3
Topology No transformer
CoolingNatural convection
Noise (db)25
Display screenLED - APP
Communication styleWi-Fi, RS485, CAN
Standard warranty5 years/Extension to 8 years (optional)


Type of needProsumer
Power5 kW
Nombre de MPPT2 MPPT
Protection IPIP65