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SMA Sunny Boy Inverter 2.5 SB2.5-1VL-40


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New SMA Sunny Boy 2.5 inverters - ideal for small photovoltaic installations.

    • Without a transformer, 
    • Maximum input voltage: 600V, 
    • Ac maximum apparent power: 2500 VA. 


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Photo of the Sunny boy 1.5 / 2.5 inverter



The new Sunny Boy 1.5 and 2.5 inverters are the ideal solution for small photovoltaic installations.

Easy to set up, the inverter is compatible with a wide range of photovoltaic panels thanks to its extended voltage range (80 - 600V) which makes it very flexible while displaying excellent performance.

Small in size, it is also particularly light. It fits easily indoors or outdoors

The installation is easy both indoors and outdoors thanks to its sturdy and lightweight case, ideal for small photovoltaic installations.

Photo of the Sunny boy 1.5 / 2.5 inverter



• Yield up to 97.2%
• No transformer
• No maintenance thanks to convection cooling
• DC SUNCLIX connection system 
• Easy to install
• Extended entry voltage range
• WLAN and Speedwire interface included
• Monitoring installation on smartphone/tablet (WebUI interface)

Yield curve

Yield curve



Optitrac technology

Optitrac technology


OptiTrac Global Peak is an additional feature of the proven "OptiTrac" MPP tracker and is activated on this inverter

This is used in the case of partially shaded photovoltaic installations. Even in this configuration, this special operating mode ensures the panels operate continuously at the maximum power point, with no significant impact on performance (loss < 0.2%). Aurement says: even in case of shading the panels work properly.


Installation and commissioning


Setting up with WebUI



Technical features


Technical FeaturesSunny Boy 1.5Sunny Boy 2.0Sunny Boy 2.5
DC Entrance
Max power of photovoltaic generator3000Wp4000Wp5000Wp
Maximum input voltage.600v
MPPT voltage range160Và500V210V to 500V260V to 500V
Assigned ena-ena pressure360V
Min./Start input voltage50V/80V
Maximum input current. By thong10A
Current short-circuit max. By thong18A
Number of independent MPPT/strings entries per MPPT entry1/1
AC output
Assigned Power (For 230V, 50Hz)1500w2000W2500W
Apparent power AC max1500VA2000VA2500VA
AC nominal voltage220V/230V/240V
RANGE of rated ac voltage180Và280V
AC/beach network frequency50Hz,60Hz/-5Hz at 5 Hz
Assigned network frequency/assigned network voltage 50Hz/230V
Maximum output current 7A9A11A
Power factor for assigned power1
Adjustable phase-shift factor 0.8 inductive to 0.8 capacitive
Injection phases/connection phases1/1
Maximum return. European performance97,2%/96,1%97,2%/96,4%97,2%/96,7%
Protective devices
D.C. side disconnection device•/•
Ground defect monitoring/network monitoring •/•/-
DC Polarity Reversal Protection / AC Short Circuit Resistance
Default current monitoring unit, sensitive to all currentsI/IIII
Protective class (according to CIS 62103)/ surge category (according to CIS 60664-1)Useless
General features
Size460/357/122 mm (18.1/14.1/4.8 inches)
Weight9.2 kg (20.3 lbs)
Operating temperature range-40C to 60C (-40F to 140CF)
Typical sound emissions <25db
Self-consumption (nui)2.0W
Topology No transformer
Refoidation systemConvection
Protection index IP65
Climate class 4K4H
Maximum allowable valuer for relative air humidity (without condensation)100,00%
DC Connection/AX ConnectionSUNCLIX / Connector
Display via smartphone, tablet, laptop
Interfaces: WLAN / Ethernet•/•
Communication protocols Modbus (SMA, Sunspec), Webconnect
Guarantee 5/10/15/20 years •/○/ ○/ ○
Certifications and certifications (other on request)AS4777, C10/11, CE, CEI0-21, DIN EN 62109-1/IEC 62109-1, DIN EN
62109-2/IEC 62109-2, EN50438, G83/2, IEC61727, IEC62116, NBR16149,
NEN-EN50438, NRS097-2-1, VDE-AR-N4105, VDE 0126-1-1, VFR2014
SMA Smart Connected's Country of Availability AU, AT, BE, CH, DE, ES, EN, IT, LU, NL, UK
Type designationSB1.5-1 VL -40SB2.0-1 VL -40SB2.5-1 VL -40


Maximum PV input voltage600 V
Power1500 VA to 2500 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Nombre de MPPT1 MPPT
Inverter power2500VA