SolaX X1 hybrid HV single-phase inmonsile from 3.0T to 5.0T View full size

SolaX X1 hybrid HV single-phase inmonsile from 3.0T to 5.0T


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  • Increase self-consumption to 80%
  • Protect against power outages
  • Limit exports/charges from the network
  • Monitoring the online system


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SolaX X1 hybrid HV single-phase inmonsile from 3.0T to 5.0T 


SolaX X1 hybrid HV single-phase inmonsile from 3.0T to 5.0T 


X1-Hybrid Series is a high-quality inverter that can convert solar energy into alternating current and store energy in the battery.

The inunr can be used to optimize self-consumption, store in the battery for future use or for powering the public grid. The mode of operation depends on the PV energy and the user's preference. It can provide energy for emergency use during grid loss using battery and inundor energy (generated from PV).

The X1 Hybrid Inverter is compatible with Pylontech H48050-15S batteries. The inverter can be connected to a minimum of 2 batteries and a maximum of 7 batteries. The batteries need a SC0500A-100S controller.

Click here to go to the page about Pylontech Lithium H48050 batteries.

Click here to go to the page about the BMS Pylontech SC0500A-100S.

The X1 Hybrid UPS is compatible with Solax Tripel Power batteries. It can be connected to 1, 2 or 3 Tripel Power batteries. The battery farm needs a MC0500 battery controller.

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SolaX Cloud



SolaX Cloud


A platform - multiple functions.

Choose the items you power with solar energy in your home, monitor your photovoltaic production and visualize your current performance. Anything is possible with the SolaX Cloud.





Emergency power


Emergency power


The "E" version of X-Hybrid features a built-in backup power function (EPS) that allows the user to use their batteries and photovoltaic generator in the event of a power outage. In addition, the "E" series can be installed in a completely off-grid environment, providing electricity to essential appliances in the absence of grid power.

Export control




Export control


Easily set an export limit based on local requirements









Maximum recommended cun [w] 4000500060006000
Max.DC tension [V] 600
Disrated dialling voltage in dcuse [V]360
Max.input current [A] 10/10
Max. short-circuit current [A] 14/14
MPPT voltage range [V] 125-550
Number of MPPT trackers2
Tracking channels by MPPT1

Nominal Alternative Current [VA]3000368046004999
Max. Alternative Current [VA] 3000368046004999
Nominal network voltage (alternative voltage range) [V] 230 (180 to 270)
Nominal network frequency [Hz] 50/60
Nominal Alternative Current [A] 13162021.7
Max. Alternative Current [A] 14.4162121.7
Displacement power factor0.8 In the lead.... 0.8 Late
Total harmonic distortion (THD, rated power) [%] 2
Parallel operation yes
Load control Yes (optional)
Battery voltage range [V] 85-400
Recommended battery voltage [V] 300
Max.charging / power discharge [W] 6000
Charge current/discharge max. [A] 20
Communication interfaces CAN/RS485
Reverse connection protection yes

RATED power EPS [VA]40005000
Rated voltage EPS [V], Frequency [Hz]230, 50/60
Rated current EPS [A] 17.421.7
EPS Peak Power [W] 8000.1
Duration [s] 0.5
Total harmonic distortion (THD, linear charge)[%].2
Parallel operation Under development

MPPT Efficiency [%]99.90
Efficiency of the euro [%]97.00
Max. Efficiency [%]97.80
Charge efficiency/battery discharge [%]96.5 (PV-BAT) 97.0 (BAT-AC)

Sleeping on standby (night) [W]7
Inactive modeyes
safetyIEC62109-1-2 / IEC62040
CertificationVDE0126-1-1 A1:2012/VDE-AR-N4105/G83/G59/AS4777/EN50438/CEI0-21/VDE2510
protection class IP65
Operating temperature range [C]-20 to 60 (Decommissioning - 45)
Altitude [m]2000
Storage temperature [C]-20 to '60
Sound emission (typical) [dB]30th Place
Surge categoryIII (power supply side) II (PV side)
Size and weight
Dimensions (LxHxP) [mm]482-464-182
Weight (kg]26.9
Cooling conceptnatural
TopologyNo transformer
Communication Internet, Counter, WIFI (optional), RF (optional), DRM, USB, ISO alarm, Parallel operation
Lcd 20-4-character backlight
Standard warranty [years] 5


Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Nombre de MPPT2 MPPT
Inverter power4000VA