UPS hybrid 5kW injection network - storage Multisolar


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-Power output (230V): 5000W
-AC charge controller: 40A (48V)
-AC pure sine output
-Controlled by microprocessor
-Double Tracker integrated MPPT (2x10A)
-Backlit LCD display


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Multifunction: Connected to the network, network and connected to the network with storage battery


MultiSolar: Store your batteries and put back on the network the strict minimum, on the condition that the batteries are full.

On the other hand,. use the network to address the lack of winter production and make a little extra on batteries when rainy days follow each other.

Optimize your production to the maximum and fear no more electricity.

Just plug one or two sets of panels to the hybrid inverter

Store and later use your solar electricity.



Inverter high performance MultiSolar to manage a hybrid electric system.
Connect solar panels, batteries, and optionally an entry network to power your facility
Enjoy best performance thanks to its integrated {linkpopup id = 'mppt'} tracker, as well as ease of use due to its compact design and its intuitive LCD screen.


  • Pure sine wave output, 5kW
  • Controlled by microprocessor for stability
  • Multiple operations: connected to the network, network and connected to the network with backup power
  • {Linkpopup id = 'mppt'} solar charger integrated
  • LCD backlit for interactive and easy to use display
  • Multiple means of communication
  • 'Green' alternative to generators
  • Load intensity adjustable by the user, of 60 A to 100 A


Characteristics of the Multisolar 5KVA 

Rated power5000W
Physical characteristics 
Dimension204.2 x 460 x 600 mm
Weight29 kg
Communication port  RS 232/USB and CAN interface
Moisture0-90% (without condensation)
Temperature operation-10 ° to 55 ° C
Altitude0 - 1000 m 

Operation mode connected to the network (Grid)

Input PV (DC) 
Rated voltage DC - voltage max  720 V DC - 900 V DC
Starting voltage225 V DC - 250 V DC
Mppt voltage range250 V DC - 850 V DC
Current max of entry2 entries
2 x 10 A
Output (AC) consumer 
Nominal voltage output208/220/230/240 V AC
Output voltage range184-265 V AC
Rated output21A 
Maximum performance> 96%
Performance rated power> 95%

Operation mode off-grid (Off Grid)

Input AC
Starting voltage120-140 V AC / 185 V AC
Entry accepted voltage range175-280 V AC
Input current max AC40A
Input PV (DC)
Max voltage900 V DC
Mppt voltage range250 V DC - 850 V DC
Current max of entry2 entries
2 x 10 A
AC mode battery output
Nominal voltage output202/208/220/230/240 V AC
Output signal  Pure sine
Performance (DC to AC)93%

Hybrid mode operation

Input PV (DC)
Rated voltage DC - voltage max720 V DC - 900 V DC
Start voltage225 V DC - 250 V DC
Current max of entry2 entries
2 x 10A
Output AC consumers
Nominal output voltage202/208/220/230/240 V AC
Output voltage range184 264.5 V AC
Nominal output current21A
Input AC
Start AC voltage120 V AC - 140 V AC
Input voltage range170-280 V AC
Intensity max input AC40A
AC mode battery output
Voltage output202/208/220/230/240 V AC
Performance (DC to AC)93%
Battery and charger
Rated voltage DC48 V DC
Load current max. 

Default: 60A,.
5A - 100A (adjustable)

 Diagram of operation of the kit solar 1500Wc poly - 200Ah48V - 3000W


schema kit 3000 hybrideschema kit 3000W hybride
shema kit 3000W hybrideschema kit 3000W hybride 

Remote control and configuration of the inverter 


Connect the inverter to your computer with the USB cable provided.
SolarPower software allows control and monitoring of multiple devices via the local network, internet or USB.
Alert notifications, screen pop up, sms and email.


SolarPower 1.14SP

SolarPower Pro 1.07

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  • B. Rudy
  •  the 25/07/2019
  • 5/5
Le meilleur onduleur hybride que je connaisse ;o)


Power5000 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Nombre de MPPT2 MPPT
Inverter power5000VA