Inverters TBB CF 12V / 24V /48V - from 2000 to 4000W

TBB Power

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Converter and loader TBB CF - 2000 to 4000W
This inverter combines a heavy-duty box:

  • a converter pure sine 
  • a battery charger  
  • AC transfer switch. 

It is particularly suitable for places with limited access to the electricity grid.

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Gathered in a ultra tough case a converter and a charger! 


The solution for places with limited access to the public network

Inverter CF integrates a sophisticated charger, a converter to sine waves and an AC transfer switch at high speed in a single case. 

It is ideal for locations where the public of electricity or limited or unreliable network access and can be used with a generator.
So, the inverter is able to manage 2 independent sources of input and switch automatically from one to the other (ex: network and generator) while ensuring power supply particularly demanding devices such as air conditioners.

Robustness and performance

The unit is designed to deal with particularly demanding environments: places rugged, dust, insects, heat,...

Characteristics of the product

  • Output wave pure sine with exceptional peak power
  • Efficiency up to 95%, 
  • Low consumption, 
  • Fully programmable
  • Suitable for use in areas with high ambient temperature


Technical characteristics



Nominal voltage of the system12V / 24V / 48V12V / 24V / 48V48V
Output voltage230VAC ± 2%
Output frequency50 Hz ± 0.1%
Power output of the converter to 40 ° (W)2000 W2500W/3000W4000W
Efficiency max12Vdc: 89% / 24Vdc: 92% / 48Vdc: 95%
Consumption standby14 W17 W25 W
Consumption standby - mode power save3.5 W4 W6 W
Output breaker15A30A30A
Overload and overheating protectionAutomatic disconnection with 3 tries to reboot 
Protection against short-circuitsAutomatic disconnection with 3 tries to reboot 
Input ACRange power supply voltage: 200VAC - 264VAC / input frequency: 45 - 65 Hz
Battery charge current60A / 30A / 15A 90A / 45 / 20A30A
The charger circuit breaker15A30A30A
Battery typeAGM / GEL / OPzS / LFP / Flooded / carbon Lead
Battery connection2 x nuts M6
Dimensions485 x 265 x 145 mm
Weight18 kg19.2 kg21 kg


Voltage12V, 24V, 48V
Power2000-6000 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Inverter power5000VA, 4000VA, 3000VA, 2000VA, 6000VA