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Inverter Solax X 1 Retro Fit 3.7 kW


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X 1-Retro Fit is a high quality ups that can store energy in batteries.
The inverter can be used to optimize theown consumptionstore in batteries for future use or for feed the public network.

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X 1-Retro Fit is a high quality ups that can store energy in batteries.
The inverter can be used to optimize theown consumption, store in batteries for future use or for feed the public network.
The use depends on the level of discharge/charge of the batteries and the preference of the user.
It can provide energy for use ofemergency during one loss of network using the stored energy from the batteries.

SolaX Power is excited to announce the launch of the third generation awaited our hybrid inverter, our storage of batteries product solar market leader, which now includes a range of single phase and three phase models. The UPS for battery storage Hybrid X is compatible with lithium-ion battery solutions, making it the most popular energy storage solution.



The 'E' of X-Hybrid version has a function ofbackup power (EPS) integrated which allows the user to use its batteries and its photovoltaic in generator power failureIn addition, the 'E' series can be installed in an environment completely off-grid, providing thepower devices essential When no network is available.




• Air conditioning
• Quiet and low maintenance
• Efficiency up to 97%
Multiple protections: DDR, insulation, overvoltage, overheating, land protection, short circuit protection, etc.
• Can be installed in parallel for l' scalability
• Compatible with batteries high voltage





Flexible solution


  • Provides a complete solution for energy consumers to optimize the use of the solar energy generated.

  • Increases the rate of consumption (from 20% to 70%).

  • The charge current to battery adjustable by the user is suitable for different types of batteries





























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Weight26 kg
Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Max. current16 Ah
Max. Power - Wp3680
Width464 mm
Height476 mm
Thickness180 mm