Hybrid inverters WKS Evo 10kVA 48V + 2 communication kits


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WKS EVO hybrid inverters are the ideal solution to power a home in consumption or empower a remote site. 

Communication kits allow to connect the WKS in parallel. 

We can configure the inverters in the workshop by selecting the settings in the options column. 


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Pack content

2 x UPS hybrid WKS Evo 48V 5kVA

UPS hybrid WKS Evo 5kVA

WKS hybrid inverters are ideal for feed a housing consumption or empower a remote site
This inverter can supply consumers up to 5000W
The integrated 80A MPPT charge controller allows up to 4000Wc panels
Possibility to put input the public grid or a generator for recharge the batteries
Completely customizable via the LCD screen of the inverter
Assured service in-house, available spare parts.

Built-in Bluetooth application, app Android (WatchPower) and removable LCD control module with several communications



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 The pack contains:


  • 2 inverters hybrid WKS EVO 5 kVA - 48V
  • 2 communication kits: parallel

The pack allows you to connect 2 WKS EVO in parallel.



inverter hybrid WKS EVO 48V 5kVA

2 x inverter hybrid WKS EVO 48V 5kVA


Enjoy a continuous feeding and reliable that the network is available or not. The energy produced by the inverters WKS EVO is oriented and used intelligently for optimal performance.

All priorities can be defined by the user : use of batteries, solar or the AC source (generator or network) in consumption, the energy produced by your panels is fluctuating and it does not match the consumption.

The inverter WKS EVO stores a part of the solar production in batteries for a later use during the evening or at night. In remote areas, the WKS EVO inverter can be connected to a generator to ensure the charge of the batteries if they are empty and the solar production is insufficient.

This inverter is able to work with several different energy sources such as:

  • public network
  • photovoltaic panels
  • thermal generator
  • batteries 




Management by microprocessor directs energy based on production, consumption needs and the State of charge of the batteries. It is possible to carry out a follow-up in real-time locally or remotely. Inverter WKS feeding power into the grid.


Connection diagram of the inverters   

2 x communication Kit - put in parallel

2 x communication Kit - put in parallel


The EVO 5KVA WKS can be connected in parallel with this communication kit, and this in different ways:

Up to 20 KVA single-phase

Several (max4) devices can be connected in series, allow for systems with up to 20 KVA power of output.

The kit includes the card, a power for the cable and communication cable.


As an option, we offer the pre-configuration by our care at €70



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