Samsung Maldives+ heat pump 3.3 to 7.8 kW


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2,75 kW
Maldives-S12 3,50 kW
Maldives-S18 5,00 kW
Maldives-S24 6,50 kW

Samsung Maldives + (3.3 to 7.8 kW) heat pump provides a purer and healthier air. It brings freshness and consumes little energy.

- "Full HD" filter

-Turbo cooling and heating

- «Good sleep» mode

-  Energy saving mode

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" Samsung Maldives+ (3,3 to 7,8kW) heat pump "


Samsung heat pumps can be used for cooling or heating your home or business . A heat pump extracts heat or cool from the outside air to cool or heat the building. Compared to conventional heating , a heat pump has a lot of advantages. Smart Inverter technology provides power for quick heating or cooling with low power consumption. Samsung heat pumps have a COP of  4 ! Thus, with a Smart Inverter air conditioner you avoid wasting energy and save money.


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  • Energy saving
  • Air purification
  • Improved comfort and sleep
  • Heating or cooling snapshot
  • Quiet operation
  • Improved air distribution
  • Automatic mode switch



Significant savings and comfortable feel

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Samsung air conditioners are equipped with " Smart Inverter " technology that helps maintain an ideal temperature without a continuously switch between on and off mode. "Smart Inverter " technology guarantees long-lasting comfort for minimal energy consumption. The "Smart Inverter" function" controls the power of the air conditioner to compensate for temperature variations , which produces a sensation of comfort . The improved control ensures a reduction in energy consumption up to 80 %.








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Better temperature control ensures a deep sleep.

With automatic temperature control , Samsung provides a comfortable environment to ensure a good night's sleep. The Samsung Night Mode  takes into account the different sleep cycles rhythm.








Quiet operation

pompe a chaleur samsung maldiveThe Maldives+ uses a dual BLDC compressor with stable moving parts. This engine is very efficient and produces very little vibration .










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Design and control

The Maldives+ heat pump is a conventional unit that fits into most interiors. Thanks to the large digital display, control is easy to read and handle.







Rapide heating and cooling

samsung pompe a chaleurBy Starting the air conditioner " Smart Inverter " runs at full capacity and stabilizes to reach the desired temperature after a few minutes.













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S- Plasma Ion " and "Full HD" filter system

Samsung improves the purification system using an improved filter and a " S- Plasma ion " intelligent . This system purifies the air through the high-density " full HD " filter to ensure a fresher and healthier air environment .

  • Step 1 : The high density FITER retain dust , bacteria and allergens
  • Step 2 : The device for purification of air removes 99 % of contaminants , bacteria and viruses present in the ambient air.







Several power options are available (3.3 Kw , 4Kw , 6Kw 7.8 Kw )