Water heater wall-hung 150L BB S2 - 2 coils


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Capacity : 150L
Orientation : vertical

Water heater with two coils

High efficiency water heater for domestic hot water. For bathroom installation.

Made in Europe

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Wall-hung water heaters BB S2  - with two coils

High efficiency water heater for domestic hot water.

Easy to use and reliable.

Wall-hung, for bathroom installation.

For direct electric heating and indirect heating with added two heat exchanger coils. This water heater may employ both electricity and a renewable energy source (solar collectors and biomass boiler).

Warranty : 5 years



Diameter :  520 mm


Orientation and size, L :

Vertical model : 200




Product features :



  • Thermal insulation with reinforced PU - thickness 32.5 mm and aesthetic coating in metal color RAL 9003

  • Vitreous ceramic ball, made of sheet steel S235JR, in accordance with DIN 4753-3

  • Two magnesium anodes for protection against corrosion in accordance with DIN 4753-6 for all enamelled models

  • Electric heater

  • Thermal indicator

  • Double thermal insulation and safety valve, set at 8 bar

  • Two combination coils of two independent thermal sources

  • A large heat exchange surface of the coil ensures effective heat exchange







Energy efficiencyEnergy Efficiency Directive 2010/30 /EU, Regulation 812/2013:

Class Е for capacity of  200 Liters.








BB S2 open

1. External casing in white.
2. High efficiency thermal insulation of environment-friendly rigid PU, with thickness 32mm.
3. Water tank of low-carbon steel with wall thickness 2,5 mm.
4. Titanium enamel (DIN 4753-3)
5. Cathodic protection of the tank by means of sacrificial anode protector (DIN 4753-6) - 2pcs.
6. Stainless tube for hot water.
7. Stratifier mounted on cold water inlet.
8. Electric heating element.
9. Power ON / OFF button.
10. Temperature indicator.
11. Dual thermal electric protection.
12. Safety valve, 8 bar.
13. Water mantle heat exchanger.
14. Lower heat exchanger coil.
15. Upper heat exchanger coil.





Technical characteristics



BB S2 chart



BB V S2 200
Diameter Dmmø 520
Operating pressure / max. temperaturebar/°C8/95
Testing pressure of tankbar13
Lower coil S1  
Heat exchanger surface0.8
Heat exchanger volumeL4.07
Prolonged power according to DIN 4708; 80/60/45 °CkW15
NL - power coefficient at 60°C 15
Pressure drop Δpmbar60
Upper coil S2  
Heat exchanger surface0.53
Heat exchanger volumeL2.70
Prolonged power according to DIN 4708; 80/60/45°CkW9
NL - coefficient at 60°C 1.3
Pressure drop Δpmbar55
Operating pressire / max. operating temperature coilsbar/°C16/110
Testing pressure of coilsbar25
Temperature indicator Yes
Heating element (optional wattage)kW2/3
Lower coil outletA, mmR3/4" / 215
Cold water inletG, mmR3/4" / 150
Lower coil inletB, mmR3/4" / 653
Upper coil outletJ, mmR3/4" / 733
RecirculationC, mmR3/4" / 883
Upper coil inletK, mmR3/4" / 1095
Hot water outletE, mmR3/4" / 1555
Dimension Fmm60
Dimension Hmm1310
Dimension Pmm220
Dimension Ymm900
Dimension Zmm240