Water heater LB 10-15 US wall-hung above sink


85,80 € tax incl.


Wall hung water heater LB AS - Under sink installation.

Volumes : 10 and 15 liters

Orientation : Vertical


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WALL HUNG WATER HEATERS LB AS - Under sink installation.

Easy to install and use. Compact size.  For direct electric heating.

Volumes : 10 and 15 liters

Diameter : 265 and 295 mm

Orientation : Vertical

Warranty : 5 years



Product Features:

  • Space-saving design - above sink mounting.

  • Highly effective insulation and aesthetic steel case.

  • Storage tank of low-carbon steel with titanium enamel and anode protector.

  • Two-stage thermal protection.




Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency : Directive 2010/30 /EU, Regulation 812/2013:

Class B for capacity of 10 Liters. Class C for capacity of 15 Liters.









Scheme water heater LB US



LB US 1015
Max working pressurebar7.57.5
Anode protectorpcs11
Heating elementkW1.21.2
Heating time /Δt = 45°C/minutes2535
Dimension Amm380420
Dimension Bmm415445
Dimension Cmm102102
Dimension Dmm265295
Dimension Emm7393
Dimension Fmm264296
Dimension Gmm140140
Dimension Lmm100100