Heat pump 300L HE300SW Mistral


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Ideal as a supplement to your boiler or as an alternative to an electric water heater. In summer, turn off your heating system and save more energy !

Capacity of 300L

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Heat pump HE300SW Mistral

" Heat pump Mistral HE300SW: many possibilities in all simplicity! "


Ideal as a supplement to your boiler or as an alternative to an electric water heater. In summer, turn off your heating system and save more energy !

Very interesting for the owners of a photovoltaic installation. Use the energy produced by your photovoltaic panels and your hot water will not cost you more energy !

By selecting different installation locations, the benefits of the HE300SW DHW heat pump are many. It can be installed in the laundry, the cellar, the attic or the garage ; the possibilities are numerous.

Heat Pump Schematic - Air Renewal and Refresh

A. Air Renewal and Refresh
The air can be extracted from cellars, pantries or laundries. This air draw-off part must have a sufficient volume of air at all times.

Diagram heat pump - Dehumidification of a wet room

B. Dehumidification of a wet room
The heat pump can be installed in laundries or other wet locations to take advantage of dehumidification in these rooms where humidity is often abundant.

 Heat Pump Schematic - Heat Recovery

C. Recovery of heat
The air is extracted from the outside where heat is available for free. The heat pump can also harness the energy produced by lighting, appliances, showers, bathrooms, etc. The recovered heat can thus be used for the production of hot water.

Heat pump diagram HE300SW Mistral

  1. Air outlet
  2. Air intake
  3. Heat pump
  4. Digital regulation
  5. White lacquered body
  6. Anode
  7. 300 liter stainless steel tank

Stainless steel tank


  • Water flow temperature max. 60 ° C supplied by the heat pump, possibility of heating up to 90 ° C with electrical resistance (1.6 kW)

  • Operation down to -5 ° C

  • Quiet operation (46 dB (A))

  • Rapid heat exchange

  • Ventilation of air: dehumidification and supply of fresh air

  • Disinfection function (anti-legionella) weekly automatic

  • Automatic defrosting by reversing refrigeration cycle

  • Environmentally friendly: heat pump technology contributes to environmental protection

  • High efficiency compressor R134a

  • Exterior heat exchanger

  • Electronic expansion valve

  • Long life electrical resistance

  • Protection anode

  • Easy installation: very practical and space-saving unit

Technical specifications


Heat source Air
Power consumption (A20 ° C / E15-55 ° C)W485
Maximum power consumptionW700
Heating capacity (A20 ° C / E15-55 ° C)W2020
COP 1 (A20°C / E15-55°C) 4.16
COP 2 (A7°C/6°C / E10-53°C) 2.809
Electrical resistanceW1600
Refrigerant gas / chargetype / gR134a / 800
Power supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50 + T
Nominal currentA2,16 + 6,8 *
Maximum intensityA3,2 + 6,8 *
Recommended circuit breaker protectionA10
Max. temperature without electrical resistance°C60
Max. temperature with electrical resistance°C70
Air flowm³/h400
Sound pressure level max. To 1 meterdB(A)46
Regulator électronic
Defrost Type hot gaz
Volume of the tankl300
Selectable water temperature range°C+10 à +70
Operating temperature range°C-5 à +43
Inlet / outlet water connection"3/4
Diameter of connection to air linemm180
Dimensions (Ø x H)mm640 x 1845
Net weight (unladen)kg97

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