Solar water heater 150 to 1500L SEL without coil View full size

Solar water heater 150 to 1500L SEL without coil


530,20 € tax incl.


Can be installed vertically(150 to 1500L) or horizontally (200 to 1500L).

For standing and direct heating.

Made in Europe

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Modifications and sizes, Liters:

Vertical models:
150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 750, 1000, 1500.

Horizontal models:
200, 300, 500, 1000, 1500.

Product features:

  • High efficiency insulation and outer casing of PVC with RAL 9006 color.
  • Multi-position mounting of temperature sensor.
  • Complex corrosion protection realized by means of titanium enamel and anode protection.
  • All threads are internal.
  • Easy installation.
  • Convenient inspection opening.
  • Available modifications with vertical and horizontal orientation.
  • Optional kit for electric heating with nominal power 3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW or 7.5kW.


Energy efficiency solar water heater SEL
Energy Efficiency Directive 2010/30 /EU, Regulation 812/2013:
Class С capacity from 150 to 500 Liters;
Class Е capacity from 750 to 1000 Liters.

Warranty : 3 years

Solar water heater SEL open
1. Aesthetic PVC jacket with color RAL 9006
2. Highly efficient thermal insulation
3. Thermometer
4. Anode protector (DIN 4753-6)
5. Electric heating element
6. Water tank of low-carbon steel
7. Titanium enamel (DIN 4753-3)
8. Inspection opening with flange cover
9. Thermostat with integrated thermal protection
10. Safety valve, 8 bar

Technical specifications:

Vertical models:

Chart vertical solar water heater SEL




SEL (V)15020030040050075010001500
Height Hmm10801350142014701720201020602310
Min. vertical clearancemm12101460158016701890203020802370
Diameter Dmmø 560ø 560ø 660ø 750ø 750ø 950ø 1050ø 1050
Insulation 50 mm rigid PU50 mm rigid PU100 mm soft PU, removable
Operating pressure of the water heaterbar1010101010101010
Max temperature of the water heater°C9595959595959595
Test pressure of tankbar1515151515151515
Electric heating element (optional)kW3-63-63-63-63-63-63-63-6
Cold water inletA, mmG1" 202G1" 202G1" 215G1¼" 270G1½" 270G1½" 300G1½" 3202xG1½" 320
Sensor sleeve for thermostatG, mm G½"78890010089501208143514871487
RecirculationR, mmG3/4" 788G3/4" 987G3/4" 1055G1" 1005G1" 1250G1" 1405G1" 1487G1" 1487
Hot water outletE, mmG1" 895G1" 1112G1" 1182G1¼" 1204G1½" 1453G1½" 1630G1½" 17002xG1½" 1975
Air vent sleeveF, mm G1"10701340141014801710195020202320
Inspection openingO øø 110/180ø 110/180ø 110/180ø 110/180ø 110/180ø 200/280ø 200/280ø 200/280
O mm309309320450450450460460
Drain sleeveY, mm G1"2020202020204040
ThermometerT, mm G½"8951138117012041453163017001975
Anode protectorP, mm G1¼"10701340141010791340143515701570, 1650
Sleeve for electric element* :
On water tank bodyU, mm G1½"7808509509001130104011551220
On inspection opening flangeUO, mm G1½"1x1x1x1x1x1x2x3x
Additional sensor sleeveZ, mm G½"     535520520

*Electric heating element mounting option: on inspection opening flange

Horizontal models:
Chart horizontal solar water heater SEL




Height Hmm69579089011901190
Length Lmm13401410171020802380
Diameter Dmmø 560ø 660ø 750ø 1050ø 1050
Insulation50mm rigid PU50mm rigid PU100mm soft PU, removable
Operating pressure of the water heaterbar1010101010
Max temperature of the water heater°C9595959595
Test pressure of tankbar1515151515
Electric heating element (optional)kW3-63-63-63-63-6
Cold water inletA, mmG1" 220G1" 260G1½" 270G½" 370G1½" 370
Sensor sleeve for thermostatG, mm G½"220260270370590
RecirculationR, mm G1"420465515665665
Hot water outletE, mmG1" 220G1" 260G1½" 270G1½" 370G1½" 370
Inspection openingO ø110 / 180110 / 180110 / 180200 / 280200 / 280
ThermometerT, mm G½"220260270370590
Anode protectorP, mm G1¼"320360370470680, 760
Electric heating element*U, mm G1½"1952382452x2802x280; 665
Additional sensor sleeveZ, mm G½"   370580


*Electric heating element mounting option: on inspection opening flange