Buffer tank 150 or 200L - 2 coils View full size

Buffer tank 150 or 200L - 2 coils


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Capacity : 150 or 200L

Two coils

Accumulating the heat generated by boiler, the buffer tank BURNiT PS2 with two coils is recommended for each space-heating system Compact.

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Accumulating the heat generated by boiler, the buffer tank BURNiT PS2 with two coils is recommended for each space-heating system. Ensures optimum operating mode of biomass boiler, permitting its functioning at nominal power output even when the heating system does not need all the heat energy produced thereby.
Produced heat is accumulated and stored inside the buffer tank and can be used even when the boiler itself has cooled down.


Modifications and sizes, L:
150, 200

Product  features:

  • Compact dimensions.
  • High efficiency insulation with thickness 50 mm  and outer casing of PVC with RAL 9006 color.
  • Multi-position mounting of temperature sensor
  • Heat exchanger coil /coils
  • All threads are internal
  • Inlet/Outlet arrangement -100 angle degrees
  • Easy installation.
  • Optional kit for electric heating with nominal power 3kW;

Energy efficiency buffer tank PS2
Energy Efficiency Directive 2010/30 /EU,
Regulation 812/2013:
Class C / E capacity from 150 to 200  Liters;

Warranty : 3 years
Buffer tank PS2 open
1. Aesthetic PVC jacket with color RAL 9006
2. Highly efficient  thermal insulation
3. Water tank of low-carbon steel
4. Lower coil S1
5. Upper coil S2

Technical specifications:

Chart buffer tank PS2




Diameter D without ø / with insulation ømm400 / 500400 / 500
Height H without / with insulationmm13101710
Min. vertical clearancemm14001780
Lower heat exchanger coil S1
Heat exchange surface1.11.6
Coil capacityL6.89.9
Lower heat exchanger coil S2
Heat exchange surface0.661.0
Coil capacityL4.16.2
Operating pressure coilbar1616
Max. coil temperature°C110110
Operating pressurebar33
Max. buffer temperature°C9595
Recommended boiler size, connected to the bufferkW6-106-10
PVC coating with insulation (optional)100 mm rigid PU
Weight buffer /insulationkg5674
ConnectionA1, G1½" mm185185
Lower coil outletA2, G1" mm185185
Sensor sleeveA3, G½" mm185185
ConnectionA4, G1½" mm185185
ConnectionB1, G1½" mm485725
Sensor sleeveB2, G1½" mm485725
ConnectionB3, G½" mm485725
Lower coil inletC G1" mm705945
Electric heating elementD G1½" mm755995
Upper coil inletE, G1" mm8051045
ConnectionF1, G1½" mm8851165
Sensor sleeveF2, G½" mm8851165
ConnectionF3, G1½" mm8851165
Sensor sleeveG3, G½" mm11251525
ConnectionG4, G1½" mm11251525
ConnectionJ, G1½" mm13101710