Samsung Wind Free 1-way 3.5kW heat pump


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  • Wind-Free™ technology, without air current
  • Energy saving.
  • Long range of air
  • Low recess height
  • With lift pump

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Wind-Free 1-lane cassette Multi split 3.5 kw

Wind-Free refresh™ is a new state-of-the-art technology for Samsung's new walls and cassettes. The Wind-Free 1-way cassette™ diffuses air through the 10,000 micro-perforations of its façade, producing a subtle air fl ux, defiant or as "calm air". Micro-perforations and technology Wind-Free™ help maintain a freshness without the usual unpleasant feeling of drafts

Comfort without a draft

Wind-Free technology™


Refreshing by Wind-Free technology™ helps maintain a freshness without the usual unpleasant air current sensation: fresh air is subtly diffused through the thousands of micro-perforations of the façade.


Better air diffusion

A broader strand


The wider and longer the flap, the faster the surface is cooled, evenly. The interior unit can diffuse fresh air up to 8 m (based on a 7.1 kW unit) with a wider operating angle, as well as a fast and regular refreshment.


Compact design

The height of the 1-way samsung cassette is only 135 m. the unit can be installed in a false low ceiling and responds to many installation constraints.



Lighter interior unit


Samsung is the first manufacturer to design its ABS chassis to make them the lightest units on the market.
Thanks to compact dimensions and reduced weight, the installation will be simpler and more flexible.


No overflow

Thanks to the anti-return valve of the lift pump, the water level of the recovery tank is kept to a minimum, the water does not stagnate and the risk of overflow is avoided.



model Inner unitAJ035NB1DEH/EU
performance AbilitycoolingKw3.5
powerAbsorbed powercoolingW50
Nominal intensitycoolingHas0.25
Pipeline connectionsLiquid pipingLive number, inch x number1/4''
Gas pipingLive number, inch x number3/8''
Condensation Drain Phase mmVP20 (OD 26,ID 20)
Wiring connectionscommunicationMinimummm20.75
Communication protocolRs485
Feeding wires Ui/Ue3Ue
Communication wires Ui/Ue3/2
soundAcoustic pressure High/Mid/LowdB(A)22/29/26
Acoustic powercooling55
Dimensions (mm)weightKg10
Dimension (LxHxP)Mr970x135x410
Dimension (LxHxP)Mr1198x35x500
Condensation DrainLift pumpInclusive
Maximum head/movementmm/Litre-h750/24
Extra functionAir filterRemovable/washable

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Weight10 kg
Width970 mm
Height135 mm
Thickness410 mm