Samsung Wind Free 4-way 4-way cassette 5.2kW heat pump


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  • Heat pump version: cool and heat with a single system
  • How it works high energy efficiency smart Inverter technology
  • Choice between three panels Elegant
  • functioning very quiet
  • lightness thanks to a plastic housing
  • A perfect one air distribution thanks to individually adjustable adjusters



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Wind-Free™ Samsung 4-way 4-way mini cassette 5.2 kW




Stay cool without direct wind


Windless cooling effectively maintains a comfortable level of freshness without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind. The cold air is gently dispersed by 15,672 micro-aeration holes, thus preventing you from feeling too hot or too cold.





Energy saving with Wind-Free cooling ™

Saving energy


Wind-free cooling saves up to 55% of energy.





Wider cooling range

Large blade


The large optimized blades allow for an even wider cooling range.






MDS-optimized operation

Motion detection sensor


The motion sensor allows for personalized airflow and energy-efficient operation.







model Inner unitAJ052NBNDEH/EU
performance AbilitycoolingKw5.2
powerAbsorbed powercoolingW28
Nominal intensitycoolingHas0.53
Pipeline connectionsLiquid pipingLive number, inch x number1/4''
Gas pipingLive number, inch x number1/2''
Condensation Drain Phase mmVP25 (OD 32,ID 25)
Wiring connectionsFor food Minimummm21
For the connection with the interiorMinimummm20.75
Feeding wires Ui/Ue3Ue
Communication wires Ui/Ue3/2
Communication protocolRs485
soundAcoustic pressure High/Mid/LowdB(A)36/36/32
Acoustic powercooling55
Dimensions (mm)weightKg11.7
Dimension (LxHxP)Mr575x250x575
Dimension (LxHxP)Mr620x57x620
Condensation DrainLift pumpInclusive
Maximum head/movementmm/Litre-h750/24
Extra functionAir filterRemovable/washable

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Weight11,7 kg
Width575 mm
Height250 mm
Thickness575 mm