Samsung R410A refrigerant outdoor unit - 7 kW View full size

Samsung R410A refrigerant outdoor unit - 7 kW


3 617,90 € tax incl.



  • Outdoor unit single-fan
  • Compressor Twin BLDC
  • Controller by sinusoidal wave
  • Insulation compressor sound
  • setting up easy
  • WiFi control by smartphone or tablet (optional)
  • High energy label for cooling (A) and heating (A-)



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Samsung R410A 7kW outdoor unit


  • Outdoor unit single-fan
  • Compressor Twin BLDC
  • Controller by sinusoidal wave
  • Insulation compressor sound
  • setting up easy
  • WiFi control by smartphone or tablet (optional)

SAMSUNG's AJ070MCJ4EH/EU 7.0 kW exterior unit connects up to 4 interior units.
This is compatible with all the interior units of the brand (murals, consoles, cassettes or gainable).

-SAMSUNG's Multi-Split exterior units are equipped with a compressor Twin BLDC whose moving parts are stabilized, allowing a reduction in torque variations of around 70% compared to the compressor BLDC simple classic.
In addition, they are equipped with the latest sine wave controller that reduces the overall noise level and guarantees better acoustic quality.



Effective air conditioning for small spaces 


This heating and cooling system is optimized for residences and small buildings. Its lightweight, compact design and automatic address make it easy and economical to install.






High performance and longevity


Thanks to its compressor technology, Samsung's FJM exterior unit delivers high performance and high reliability. The FJM system is fully compliant with the new European regulations.






Less noise for comfort 


With superior insulation and reduced vibrations, the FJM system ensures a calm environment. You will not be disturbed by the noise levels typical of conventional heating and cooling systems.






model Outdoor unitAJ70MCJ4EH/EU
performance AbilitycoolingKw7
Hot power returned to -10oC ext.Kw5.01
powerNumber of units int. Maxi connection4th
Maximum connection rate150.00%
Absorbed powercoolingKw1.9
Nominal intensitycoolingHas8.7
Energy efficiency coolingW/W3.68
SEER (Grade)W/W5.6
Indicative annual energy consumption (cooling)kWh/a415
SCOP (grade)W/W3.8
Indicative annual energy consumption (heating)kWh/a2,164
CompressortypeTwin BLDC Rotary Inverter
Fan engineModelBLDC
Output x nW124x1
Pipeline connectionsLiquid pipingLive number, inch x number1/4'x4
Gas pipingLive number, inch x number3/8'x2 - 1/2'x2
Installation optionsMaximum lengthTotalm70
Maximum heightUe/Uim15
Wiring connectionscommunicationMinimummm20.75
Communication protocol Rs485
Feeding wires Ui/Ue3Ue
Communication wires Ui/Ue3/2
Preloaded Refensive Kg2.8
soundAcoustic pressure coolingdB(A)48th
Acoustic powerdB(A)64
Dimensions (mm)weightKg62th
Dimension (LxHxP)Mr880x793x310
Operating rangecooling -5/46


Weight62 kg
Width880 mm
Height793 mm
Thickness310 mm