Samsung Wind Free Heat Pump 3.5 kW Multi-Split


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The Samsung Wind Free 3.5 kW heat pump provides cleaner, healthiest air while eliminating drafts with its micro-perforated design. It provides rapid heating or cooling and uses little energy.

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Stay cool comfortably with Wind-Free™ 3.5 kW technology.


Windfree technology: the 1st wall without drafts


Operating silence: 19 dB (A)
High energy performance: SEER A ' / SCOP A'
Maintaining power at negative temperature: up to 99% to -5oC
Samsung Virus Doctor Air Purifiator
Standard WiFi, smartphone or tablet control
Automatic cleaning
Mono and multi-split compatible interior units

Savings and performance with Digital Inverter


Digital Inverter technology ensures high performance and energy efficiency by eliminating compressor turnout/stop alternations.
By avoiding energy losses due to the Walk/Stop alternation and with advanced control, the Samsung air conditioner allows you to significantly reduce energy waste.
This Samsung air conditioner equipped with the Digital Inverter achieves exceptional energy efficiency, while saving up to 60% of the energy used.


Control your air conditioning systems remotely


Control your Smart-WiFi remote air conditioning systems
With the ability to control how your air conditioner works from your computer or smartphone, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to shut down your system again: you can do it remotely! You can also turn it on when you leave your office, finding an already warm or refreshed environment when you arrive home.
It is also possible to use your smartphone as a remote control, which allows the control of many settings.


Wind Free technology™


Wind-Free technology™ is such that you may not even notice how it works. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system evenly distributes fresh air without creating unpleasant drafts.



Stay cool all the time


Samsung's Wind-Free ™ air conditioning system uses 21,000 micro-perforations to gently and evenly propel air throughout the room. It thus maintains a comfortable level of freshness without any drafts.

Samsung's Wind-Free™ system features an automatic two-step air conditioning mode. The desired temperature is quickly reached in Quick Cooling mode, then maintained in Wind-Free mode™, without drafts.

The wind-Free™'s new Night Mode allows you to get the perfect temperature in your room, ensuring a peaceful sleep without the feeling of cold at night or when you wake up.




Maintaining temperature without drafts

Refreshing by WINDFREE technology helps maintain a freshness without the usual unpleasant air current sensation: fresh air is subtly dispersed through out of the hull's 21,000 micro-performations.




STEP 1: cooling

The mural begins by refreshing the room in standard refreshment mode.
When the desired temperature is reached, the "Wind-Free" mode can be selected.








In WINDFREE mode, fresh air escapes via the 21,000 micro-perforations at a low speed of 0.15m/s and without temperature fluctuations.
Thus, no air current sensation is felt, nor is there a cold zone.





Virus elimination


Virus Doctor and Easy Filter eliminate dust, dangerous contaminants and allergens in the air, as well as bacteria and other viruses, including influenza A and coronaviruses, first using a filter and then Virus Doctor. From then on, you will only breathe clean and healthy air, as certified by the BRITISH Allergy Foundation (BAF).


Automatic mode change


This control automatically changes the operating world of the air conditioner according to the temperature parameters. When a temperature is chosen in automatic mode, the air conditioner heats or cools down depending on the temperature indicated.

Easy maintenance


The filter for the new walls in the A3050 range is now located outside the aircraft. This allows it to be removed, cleaned and put back in place easily and quickly.






modelInner unitAR12NXWXCWKNEU
performance AbilitycoolingKw3.5
powerAbsorbed powercoolingW30
Nominal intensitycoolingHas0.3
Pipeline connectionsLiquid pipingLive number, inch x number1/4''
Gas pipingLive number, inch x number3/8 ''
Condensation DrainLive number mmHose ID18mm
Wiring connectionsCommunication Min. mm20.75
Communication protocolRs485
power #fils Ui/Ue3/Ue
Aantal adersUi/Ue3/2
soundAcoustic pressure H/M/L dB(A)40/31/19
Acoustic powerIt's cold.dB(A)58
Dimensions (mm)weightKg9.4
Dimension (LxHxP)Mr828x267x265
Extra functionWi-Fiyes
Silent modeyes

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Weight9,4 kg
Width828 mm
Height267 mm
Thickness265 mm