DC 500V 80A disconnector


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500 V DC 80A disconnector for photovoltaic applications

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To isolate the panels from the rest of the installation



This disconnector is intended to disconnect the DC side of the installation. They optimally guarantee the safety sectioning of photovoltaic circuits, they are also capable of opening and closing under load.





  • Reduces the size of the enclosure or the location in the UPS.
  • Cut-off and closing under load up to 500 V .c. ( IEC 60947-3 standard )
  • Provided pre-wired for simplicity and safety during assembly. 
  • Direct access to connection terminals.
  • Secures on-site responses.
  • Pv + AC and multi-circuit break.
  • Allows you to connect two chains of independent solar panels directly to the device.


500Vdc disconnect switch




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