Differential switch type A 4P 40A 300ma

Differential switch type A 4P 40A 300ma View full size

Differential switches are devices that are placed in front of them and protect against leakage currents to earth unacceptable

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Differential switch type A 4P 40A 300ma


Differential switches are devices that are placed in front of them and protect against leakage currents to earth unacceptable. They protect people against electric shock.

In case of a leakage current with a residual pulsating direct current, an imbalance appears in the primary coil of the toroid, thereby generating a residual magnetic field in the core. This residual magnetic field in turn generates a voltage and a current in the secondary coil which solicits over. The relay in turn solicits the release device and open the contacts under spring pressure.





  • Type A; Type AS
  • In nominal current (A) 16, 25, 40, 63, 80, 100
  • Fault current (mA) 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1000
  • Voltage Rating Un 2P: 230 V; 4P: 230/400 V
  • Minimum operating voltage UBmin 2P: 127 V; 4P: 190 V
  • Lifetime mechanical / electrical 20000/10000
  • IEC following Tropicalisation 60068-2-28/2-30 en DIN 40046 95%HR sous 55°C
  • Range, max. son flexible / rigid 35-50 mm ²
  • Pôles 2, 4
  • Resistance to shock waves Type A: 250A 8/20 .mu.s; 200A 0,5?s - 100kHz; Type S: 3000A 8/20 .mu.s
  • Ambient temperature -25 à 55 °C
  • Weight 2P: 220 g; 4P: 385 g


Switching characteristics

  • According to EN 61008
  • Rated current on / off switching Im = 500A
  • Rated residual current on / off switching I?m?500A for 16 to 40A; I?m = 800A to 100A at 63
  • Protection against short-circuit protected by fuse = 10000A Inc at 230 / 400V 80A fuse gG
  • Withstands I²t A²s 22500 - 3000A
  • All Diff-o-Jump appliances match these values. Only for devices up to 40A values are screen printed. Depending on RGIE these values should not appear on appliances over 40A.


  • Input terminal
  • Switch: fixed and moving contact
  • Torus with primary and secondary windings
  • Relay
  • Output terminal
  • Command button: with freewheel mechanism solicits switch
  • Pushbutton test



  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Module Remote Trigger
  • Coil undervoltage
  • Door contact
  • Motor control
  • Busbar systems



The switch differential (Diff-o-Jump Type A and Type S) are complied with NBN EN 61008 and NBN 819 and received on the basis of these standards approval CEBEC. NBN standards in a differential switch shall be called circuit breaker earth differential device. Diff-o-Jump meets the international standards IEC 1008 and EN61008.







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