Solar panel Q.Cells DUO 345Wc G6 mono


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• For long-lasting performance;

• Q.Antum technology: low electricity cost;

• An innovative technology in all weathers;

• Continuous performance;

• Suitable for extreme weather conditions;

• Investment security;

• State-of-the-art solar module technology.


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For sustainable performance

Q.ANTUM technology: low cost of electricity

Improved surface efficiency and lower system costs thanks to its high power classes and efficiency of up to 20.1%.

Innovative technology in all weathers

Optimal yields in all weathers thanks to excellent low-light behaviours and temperature variations.

Continuous performance

Long-term performance security with Anti LID Technology, Anti PID Technology1, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™.

Suitable for extreme weather conditions

High-tech aluminum alloy frame, certified to withstand high loads of snow (5400 Pa) and wind (4000 Pa).

Investment security

12-year product warranty, as well as a 25-year linear performance guarantee2.

Advanced solar module technology

Q.ANTUM DUO combines innovative half-cell and wiring technology with advanced Q.ANTUM Technology.

Q CELLS power guarantee

At least 98% of the rated power in the first year.
Then, 0.54% degradation per year maximum. At least 93.1% of rated power after 10 years.
At least 85% of the rated power after 25 years.
All figures have measurement tolerances. Guarantee according to the current terms applied by the Q CELLS office on which your region depends.



Low irradiance performance

Typical module power under low radiation conditions per
STC conditions (25oC, 1000 W/m2).







Weight19,9 kg
CouleurGris cadre noir
Panel typeHigh efficiency
Panel typeRigids
Max. Power - Wp345
Open circuit voltage (Voc)40,49 V
Short circuit current (Isc)10,73 A
Max. power current (Imp)10,22 A
Max. power voltage33,76 V
Pannel efficiency19,3%
Width1030 mm
Height1740 mm
Frame32 mm