Powerbox 20A 300W


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Regulator, battery and inverter in a prewired box.
Mobile, renewable and functional energy.

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" The end of generators comes..."


With the Powerbox, you have 230V electricity everywhere.

Fully wired and functional, simply connect a solar panel to recharge the integrated battery or to use the energy generated in real time! 




Prewired box including :

  • Epsolar PWM LandStar Serie 12V - 20A charge regulator. 
  • Victron Phoenix 12V- 375VA inverter, it pure sine technology allows you to connect any consumer.
  • GEL battery Ultracell 12V 55Ah for example lighting and recharging a computer or phone at night.
  • 230V plug and panels connector on side, a convenient carrying handle on top.                               



Powerbox content :


Epsolar Série LS LandStar PWM 12V


regulateur 20A power box


- Capacity: 20A

- Operating voltage: 12V 

- Temperature compensation

- Warranty: 2 years

- Technology: PWM

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Victron Phoenix 12V- 375VA inverter

convertisseur 300W powerbox


Pure sine Inverter Victron Phoenix 12/375VA. Developed for professional duty,
the Phoenix range of inverters is suitable for the widest range of applications.

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GEL battery Ultracell 12V 55Ah


Gel batteries are sealed batteriesno maintenanceno addition of distilled water. Strengthened compared to flooded batteriesSafety 
A gel battery to withstand the discharge to 100% and its rated capacity when discharged holding time is short. This series has a longer discharge time compared to other batteries. The special plate design increases the life of the battery and especially in warmer temperatures. A separator in the battery improves performance. It also has a longer 
retention time.

batterie AGM powerbox

- Rated voltage: 12V 

- Capacity : 55Ah
- Dimensions : L 229 x W 138 x H 209 mm
- Life is increased therefore the purchase price is profitable over time, not to mention the performance gain.
- Weight : 17 Kg

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Powerbox :

powerbox mc4 powerbox ventilationpowerbox prise 



  Wattuneed's noticeThis box is perfect for mobile applications!
Everything is included in the box (charge controller, inverter and even batteries)



Charge power20A