Solar Box 20A 300W


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A 20A solar charge regulator
Converter 230V Victron 350VA
Plug And Play
Take 230V on the side

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A Solar Box plug n play

No more dragging cables and scattered devices.

No assembly required: plug the panelor or battery with the cables offered as an accessory and it's installed!

Solar Box 300W

Converter Victron Phoenix 300W

Inlenting Victron Phoenix 375VA assembled in a pre-wired box



This 375W converter offers excellent performance: efficiency of more than 90%, very high peak power (700W, to cope with a one-off surge in energy, when some electrical appliances start)

Perfect for sites where the inunr must stay constantly on, when nothing is plugged in on, its self consumption is very low

Ideal for powering sensitive electronic devices, such as televisions, computers or any other electronic device.

solarbox 300W


Type MC4 connections to connect panels and battery 


Type MC4 plugs for connecting panels to the SolarBox
It's impossible with this system to get it wrong in polarities.




Regulator 20ARegulator 20A with digital display


Capacity: 20 amps.
Tension: 12v or 24V
This regulator can hold up to 500 watts of solar panels
Temperature compensation 
2-year warranty.
Technology: PWM.

Large LCD screen
Low battery warning.
PWM technology, improved battery charge (faster and more efficient charging).
Protection against battery overload by cutting the solar module when the battery is full.
Has an accessory output in 12V (or 24V) to connect your consumers directly (maximum intensity 20 A). 
This output has protection against deep battery discharge (consumers are automatically turned off) 

solarbox 300Wsolarbox 300W


Take 230V on the side and ventilation grid







 Entirely pre-wired box.

solar box 300W



Charge power20A