Solar box 10A 300W


494,10 € tax incl.


 Prewired box including :

- 10A PWM regulator with digital display

- Inverter Victron Phoenix 375VA

Inverter Victron Phoenix 12/24/48/350VA
Victron Phoenix 12/24/48/350VA

- MC4 connector

- 230V plug

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 "Solar Box plug n play"

coffret solaire

Inverter Victron Phoenix 375VA

Inverter Victron Phoenix 12/24/48/350VA

onduleur Victron Phoenix 375Va

This 300W converter  delivers excellent performancesefficiency of over 90%, very high peak power (700W energy on request when some electric devices start)
Perfect for sites where the inverter must remain constantly lit. The consumption is very low when nothing is connected to it.
Ideal for powering sensitive electronic equipment such as televisions, computers or any other electronic device.









MC4 connector to connect the modules and the battery

solarbox 300W





















Solar regulator SS 2024 - 10A


regulateur 10A LCD

Capacity: 10A

Operating voltage: 12V or 24V

Digital display

Temperature compensation

Warranty: 2 years

Technology: PWM




Big LCD display

Low battery warning

PWM technology: battery charging improvement

secondary 12V (or 24V) output to connect your consummers directly (20A).

This output has a deep battery discharge protection (automatically consumers turn off)












230V plug on the side

solar box 300Wsolarbox 300W

















Fully prewired 

solar box 300W





Charge power10A