Battery charger lihium YZPOWER 14.6V 20A


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Solar battery charger 14.6V 20A fast charge for lihtium batteries.

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Battery charger YZPOWER 14.6V 20A 19A 18A Lifepo4



Stable MTBF: 30,000 H;

Excellent reliability, Double power-sharing scheme, which allows, when it is defective, to use only half of the current load;

Small size: 163 - 95 - 56mm;

Light weight: 1kg;

Material: Aluminium metal box;

Protective function: Surge / Overheating / Over-intensity / Current / Short-circuit and Polarity;

The LED indicator: Red is in charge or, must be loaded, green is in charge completed;

Light, small, stable, high-yield, safe, etc. Precise threshold of voltage and current, load and avoiding overload.

Main parties

1) The electrolytic capacitor of the input and exit filter uses temperatures of -40 to 105 degrees Celsius, with low impedance, high reliability, long lifespan, high rip-ple capacity, etc.

2) The KBP406 righters on the entrance deck can withstand a medium direct upright current 4A, a 130A peak direct peak current, a 600VDC locking voltage.


3) The main power transformer adopts an EC40 core, a PC40 material, high efficiency, low iron loss, sufficient power capacity, sufficient power margin.

4) Using an aluminum heat sink, a good thermal design, it helps to better cool the power device.
In accordance with the principle of the circulation of hot air and allows to extend the life of the product.

Technical data


Fast chargeYes
Smart chargeYes
Display screenNot
Model number14.6V 20A Lifepo4 lithium battery
Brand nameYZPOWER
Entry AC 100-240V
Size163mm x 95mm x 56mm
Cooling fanYes