Epever converter IPower 24V 1200VA


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D.C. pure sine wave inverter 24V to AC220V/AC230V to 1200VA


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Epever converter IPower 24V 1200VA


The IPower series is a pure sine wave converter that can be converted.
Industrial design, compared to civil design, allows for a wider operation with temperatures, easy installation and operation.
The wide range of input voltage is ideal for solar system applications.
The inverter can be applied in many areas, such as the emergency lighting system of houses, the vehicle-mounted system and the power supply of small fields, etc.


  • Safe design with electrical insulation of the entrance and exit
  • Adoption of advanced SPWM technology, pure sine wave output
  • Optional output voltage 220/230VAC (or 110/120VAC), to be chosen by DIP switch
  • LED indicators for defect and operating status
  • Reducing empty consumption
  • Maximum efficiency up to 95%
  • Entry protection: Protection from surges, protection from low voltages
  • Exit protection: Overload protection, short-circuit protection
  • Overheating protection: Temperature-controlled fan ventilation;
  • The inverter automatically stops in case of overheating
  • 5VDC/1A operational USB output
  • Communication RS485 operational port



Nominal input voltage24VDC
Entry voltage range21.6 - 32VDC
Entry surge voltage<40VDC
Exit tension220VAC (± 5%)
230VAC (-7% - 5%)
Exit frequency50/60±0.1Hz
Continuous power output1200 W
Output power 15 min.1500 W
Power surge2400 W
Power factor 0.2-1 (VA lower than continuous output power)
Exit wave Pure sine wave
THD DistortionTHD≤3%
Max. Efficiency94,00%
Empty current< 0.6A
USB exit port5VDC/Max.1A
RS485 Com. Port5VDC / 200mA
Liaison station$10mm
Global size (mm)284.7 x 231.5 x 98.50 mm
Mounting size163 x 219.5 mm
Size of fastening holes5.5mm
Net weight3.9 kg
Operating temperature20 degrees Celsius - 45 degrees Fahrenheit
Storage temperature-35 C - 70 degrees Fahrenheit
humidity<95% (NC)
protection IP20
altitude< 5000m (decommissioning to operate to IEC62040 at a height of more than 1000m)


Power1500 VA